Beach Villas
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Beach Villas

Beach Villas come in all shapes and sizes but the one thing they all have in common is their proximity to the wide blue sea, ever popular as the vast majority of us spend our everyday lives away from the sea.  

If you’re fortunate enough to live within striking distance of the coast, the occasional day trip is no substitute for spending a week or two with the sea on your doorstep. It is the endless horizons, the changing colours, the way the light is reflected in the water and the continual movement that make the sea so fascinating. 

True beach villas to rent are few and far between across the whole of Europe. A reasonable choice of sea view villas  can be found and many of these are within fairly easy reach of a beach but the treasured few are those we can truly call beach villas europe, villas which are first in line to either a beach of golden sand, white pebbles or smooth rock the perfect spot for your beach villa holidays.  Amongst those that we are offered, we only include those beach villas which will match up to our standards in every other respect. 

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There is a magic, probably born in childhood, about being able to wake up in the morning, step straight out onto the sand and wander down to the waters edge in the manner that you can at many of our beach villas.  

An early morning dip has to be the very best swim of the day –  it is invigorating and life confirming and in the early morning it is often possible to enjoy the luxury of having the beach almost to yourself.

In the evening when all the other holidaymakers have departed, you will be able to reclaim that sense of having  the beach to yourself. As the sun begins to go down and the stillness that often descends on the water at this hour arrives, you may be tempted to take to the water once again. 

A little less privacy enjoyed when staying in a beach villa, as beachgoers share the sand and sea during the day,  is manifestly compensated for by this sense of ownership the early morning and in the evening, when  visitors leave to go home.

Taking a beach Villa and spending your days accompanied by the sparkling blue sea in all its guises is unarguably very special. You will be witness to the light changing  throughout a  full colour spectrum over the daylight hours as the sun rises on the horizon or sets at the end of the day over the water.

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At nightfall and with a clear sky, the moon casts its reflection into the water and creates a pathway of light always heading in your direction.

The majority of our  beach villas also have a pool, which is preferable  for those who delight in wild swimming, snorkelling or paddling but, for those who prefer their water a little more controlled, you may like to search our select few beach villas with pools where you can truly have the best of both worlds.  With your own private swimming pool to enjoy when the beach is busy or the sea too wild for swimming you have everything covered

There is one last magical element of a beach villa which is truly unique and that is the soothing sound of the waves whilst you drift off to sleep, better and more soporific than any lullaby.

Freelance beach villas are all very individual but each one is equipped to our high standard. They will have a BBQ for you to make use of should you prefer not to leave your beach Villa to eat out, although there will normally be a taverna or restaurant a walk or short drive away.