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From local news, foods, places to see to Taverna reviews , the Freelance Blog makes your summer last longer

5 Reasons to Take the Grandparents on Holiday

5 Reasons to take the grandparents on holiday.

Family re-union holidays are big news for a post-lockdown summer. So many families have been unable to meet up because of Covid-19 restrictions and we are receiving a lot of enquiries for villas that can accommodate parents, children and grandparents.

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when can i go on holiday

Can I go on holiday this year?

Are you looking forward to a holiday in 2021? Like everyone else, the Freelance Villas team have been separated from family and friends for months and like you, we’re desperate to feel the sun on our faces. The vaccine programmes being rolled out across the UK and Europe offer the

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Four Reasons To Stay in Sea View Villas in Kefalonia

Kefalonia, the amazing place in the Mediterranean, is just exceptionally beautiful. Scenic pine-clad mountains, exceptionally beautiful photographed beaches, clear blue water, and amazing Greek hospitality; the island exceeds its expectation. And we would not mind staying in the beautiful Mediterranean that has the world’s best tourist destinations like Croatia, Crete,

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Why Luxury Hotels Are No Match for Luxury Villa Rentals?

A lot of things have changed over the decades in the travel industry. Earlier, there was a time when just staying in a comfy room with all amenities was considered a luxury. Then big, grand luxury hotels entered the arena and were popular for their amazing views from balconies. In

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Kefalonia, our guide to the best bits

We were out last summer with our drone to capture the very best parts of the Greek island of Kefalonia, from Myrtos Beach to Spartia , Fiscardo, Lourdas and Skala in the South, we even managed to fly right into the centre of Melissani Lake, an amazing underground lake, we

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Winter in Crete,

Winter Villas in Crete, Crete without the crowds If you’ve ever visited Crete in the summer and wondered what it was like  pre tourism –  we now offer the opportunity to come and see for yourself.  Out of season there are empty beaches for a brisk walk, uncrowded museums, markets where

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retired and vacation freedom concept for hippy senior couple man and woman playing with the wind with colored clothes. pastel tones and blue sky for smiling people

Crete on Insta: Scenery and Selfies

Today, we’re engaging with the fantastic community that is Crete’s tourists! We know that you have a talent for making our island shine on Instagram and Pinterest, so in this blog, we’re celebrating some of the best scenes and selfies with you.

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5 Must-See Towns in Mallorca

Mallorca is known for its immaculate beaches, mountains and spectacular views. This Island is full of truly remarkable towns with so many things to do and places to see – so many in fact that we could not possibly mention all of them. So here are five towns in Mallorca

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Experience the Tranquillity of Menorca

Menorca is a short trip across the water from the likes of Ibiza and Mallorca, but it might as well be in a different universe. The Balearic Islands may have a well-worn reputation for hard-partying, but Menorca’s stunning scenery, charming local villages, great beaches and tranquil aura are perfect for

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Couple Enjoying the Sunset

Villas Within Walking Distance of Beaches

The ultimate luxury villa is one that is next to a beach, a villa where you can see the sea rolling in from your window, an outdoor dining space where you can eat to the sound of waves. In this blog, we spotlight our most beloved villas near the sea.

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Get Excited with Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

Getting ready for a holiday can often be quite a stressful time – making sure all the passports are in date, weighing luggage, converting cash – we know it’s not easy, but sometimes you need a few minutes to wind down, relax, and get excited about your upcoming adventure.

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5 Best Beaches in the Mediterranean

From Myrtos to Elounda, there are some beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean that you probably haven’t heard about yet, but not to worry because this blog will help you to find the perfect beach-holiday for you in the Mediterranean. From busy beaches throbbing with vendors, snacks and activities, to quiet

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Mallorca, Menorca or Majorca?

For once and for all, we’re putting an end to the confusion surrounding these three similar names. In this blog, you can learn all about the history and culture which sets these popular tourist destinations apart from one another, allowing you to sound like a pro when you’re next discussing

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7 Modes of Transport Around Kefalonia

Travelling on holiday shouldn’t have to be difficult, but for many of us, it is a task fraught with worry. The fear that you might end up on some remote part of the island with no English-speakers in sight is not uncommon, but you won’t have to panic with this

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Typical spanish tapas concept. Concept include slices jamon, bowls with olives, anchovies, spicy potatoes, mashed chickpeas, shrimp, calamari, manchego with quince marmalade, pans with tortilla, paella, mussels on a wooden table.

Finding Food in Menorca

  Beaches, architecture and lizardsabound in Menorca and these are just some of the attractions that you could beenjoying during a visit. This is a Spanish island with talented palettesbelonging to the chefs who make their living here. In this article, we showcasethe best of the best eateries on Menorca

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Old Venetian harbor of Chania town on Crete island, Greece.

Choose Crete as your Anniversary Destination

Peace and Quiet Wherever you go, you want somewhere that won’t distract you from one another – this is a chance for the two of you to celebrate your success together, after all, you won’t want anything interrupting such a pleasant feeling. Avoid noisy neighbours and disruptive experiences by avoiding

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4 Mistakes Tourists Make on Holiday

We all have a story about annoying tourists from other countries: hordes of garishly clad holiday-makers, swarming through the tourist-friendly parts of town, taking photos and videos of everything, posting shameless selfies, talking and laughing too loudly, making spectacles of themselves, completely oblivious of their surroundings or the poor locals

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Cala Mitjaneta in Menorca

5 Experiences You Need to Have in Menorca

Menorca is an island in the Mediterranean Sea that boasts some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. The palette of colours that can be experienced here range from deep blues to bright turquoise. This island paradise is a charming and truly peaceful place to take a relaxing holiday.

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Couple Riding Bikes

Experience Menorca By Bike

Menorca is an island of rich culture, fantastic weather and unspoilt beauty, making it the perfect holiday destination. One of the best ways to discover the beauty of Menorca for yourself is by bike; the island is renowned for its many fantastic cycling routes. Menorca’s fantastic landscape is home to

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5 Unique Things to do in Crete

A small paradise on Earth, Crete is an Eastern Mediterranean island and the largest and most populated of all Greek Islands. Once the centre of the Bronze Age Minoan civilization thought to have lived here since 7000 BC, Crete retains much of its local culture while still being an important

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