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Choose Crete as your Anniversary Destination

Peace and Quiet

Wherever you go, you want somewhere that won’t distract you from one another – this is a chance for the two of you to celebrate your success together, after all, you won’t want anything interrupting such a pleasant feeling. Avoid noisy neighbours and disruptive experiences by avoiding hotels and instead of travelling to a standalone holiday villa.

You will have the entire place all to yourself, including the views and maybe even a private swimming pool if you choose one of our more prestigious luxury villas. A personal swimming pool is a wonderfully refreshing way to pass time on hot summer days in Crete, but you can make it a more romantic experience by enjoying a picturesque sunset swim, accompanied by a splash of your favourite beverage before dinner.

Where to Visit

For couples looking to quietly enjoy their time together, Chania is the ideal destination. Not only is it a beautiful region set in the west, but it also evokes a very peaceful and local feeling that is often eschewed by souvenir stalls across the rest of the island. Chania is resplendent with flora, fauna and friendly locals who are waiting to welcome you and your beau to a taverna bristling with Cretan charm and culture.

If you are a younger couple looking for a little adventure, you might be more interested in adventuring around central Crete which has plenty of activities including watersports, mini golf and long walking tours which showcase the island’s most beautiful secrets.

Older couples may enjoy the bus tours which drive to some of the islands most secluded outcrops and provide viewers with some of the best views that Crete has to offer. Other trips which couples of all ages will appreciate are journies to neighbouring islands via ferries. These day trips are a great way to change up the scenery during your stay, and a good way to get to know Greece more widely.

Where to Eat

Crete is laden with scrumptious restaurants, so it can be incredibly hard to choose from the vast array available to you. When you are celebrating your anniversary, however, you want to find somewhere romantic. To help you find the perfect meal, we have found one romantic restaurant for each of Crete’s regions. Wherever on this island that you are hoping to stay, we want to support you and your romance:

Chania – Serenissima Restaurant

This restaurant offers a fine dining experience for local dishes in a rustic Greek setting. The menu features Mediterranean, European and Greek dishes which are sure to please. The food is a little bit on the pricey side but it is a luxury experience that warrants the high pricing. Their set menus offer a high variety of food to suit different diets and taste, including a Vegan menu.

Rethymno – 7 Thalasses

For fine dining al fresco, 7 Thalasses has everything you could possibly want. The setting is beautiful; tables overlooking vast swathes of blue ocean, cushioned wicker chairs and superbly presented dishes. Their best dishes are undoubtedly seafood, augmented by the scent of salt wafting in from the sea. This restaurant is known for providing a large variety of very rich food, so it can be worth revisiting this one if you enjoyed it the first time.

Heraklion – Plani

For a more moderately priced romantic meal, we recommend Plani – a homely restaurant with lots of planters in the main dining area and lots of good fresh food. Despite being in the centre of the city, Plani’s dining experience is fairly quiet.

If you are the adventurous type, you might enjoy visiting Plani after a trip to the nearby Palace of Knossos. This restaurant also boasts wheelchair accessibility and will take bookings if you want to ensure you get a spot at this quaint place to dine.

charming old streets of Rethymno

Lasithi – Samurai Sushi

For a change of pace, we recommend the Samurai Sushi Bar and Restaurant in Elounda, Lasithi. This is a modern restaurant with some fantastic cultural crossover dishes waiting for you to try. The dining area overlooks the bay from the hillside, and the interior is both sleek and refreshing. For meals which exhibit real attention to detail, you should visit here.

All of the above restaurants we have mentioned in this blog are suitable for English speakers so that you can dine in confidence. There are plenty of memories to make here on Crete so why not book to spend your anniversary with us soon?

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