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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Menorca

Often hidden by the shadow of its larger neighbour Mallorca, Menorca is usually overlooked by many people as an interesting holiday destination.

With many people wanting to know more about this beautiful island, we’ve put together 5 interesting facts that you probably didn’t know about Menorca!

So book a stay at one of our pool apartments in Menorca and come and experience this idyllic island for yourself.

Menorca Has More Beaches than Mallorca

If you are looking for beautiful beaches, you may be tempted to head straight to Mallorca. However, if you are looking for beaches which may be a little bit more serene and less busy, you may be better heading to the beautiful Menorca with its many beaches which line its coast.

Cala Pregonda in Menorca at Balearic islands

Believe it or not, Menorca has more beaches than Ibiza and Mallorca put together, despite being the smallest island of the Balearics! Perfect for those relaxing beach days where you don’t want to be constantly bothered by other holiday goers.

Even It’s Name Suggests It’s Size

Did you know that “Menorca” was named so to emphasize the size difference between itself and Mallorca?

Calasfonts Cales Fonts Port sunset in Mahon at Balearics

Even though it is small, Mahon is home to Europe’s second largest natural harbour. It’s also only about 10 miles wide, and there is never more than 30 miles between any two points on the island; perfect for a short holiday where you want to see as much as possible!

Family Perfect

If you are looking for a great family destination which still has the beauty of the Balearics, Menorca is your perfect destination.

Girl back with towel, snorke, and hat.

With shallow, quiet beaches and a multitude of group activities available, it’s no wonder that this little island has become quite a popular family destination. From horseback riding to snorkelling and boat tours on a glass-bottomed vessel; there’s something for all the family to enjoy.

It’s A Natural Beauty

We’ve talked a lot in previous blogs about the natural beauty of Menorca and how it was designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1993, but you really would be mad to miss out on experiencing the nature that we have on the island.

Cala Galdana

With over 1000 plants to see and a plethora of wildlife to catch a glimpse of, no two days are ever the same.

Round Island Path

Want to take advantage of the beautiful scenery of the Menorca coastline? Why not take the path which circles the outer rim of the island!

This path was reopened in 2011 after being unused for 400 year, and provides access to some of the most stunning coastal views we have ever seen.

woman hiking towards sea

The 116-mile Cami de Cavalls was first created with the intention to create access to watchtowers on the island, but can now be explored freely by anyone who wishes to take the journey.

Menorca is full of secrets and hidden gems, and we highly recommend that you make the most of your visit by exploring the island as much as possible.

Have we swayed your choice of holiday destination? Contact our team today to find out more about the villas and apartments that we have available in Menorca. Call us today on 01789 297705 and we will be delighted to help you with your enquiries.

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