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5 Reasons To Visit Kefalonia

The best parts of Kefalonia are undoubtedly its luscious white sandy beaches; from Myrtos to Kimilia, there are plenty to enjoy, all equally beautiful. While we will talk a little about the beaches in this blog, we will also provide you with some of Kefalonia’s lesser known attractions for you to visit on your holiday.

1) Gorgeous Beaches

The beaches of Kefalonia are truly stunning, and it is important for everyone that we keep these treasures clean and sparkling. In this section, we will give you an insight on our favourite beaches.


This is the most famous beach in Kefalonia, and for good reason. It is beautiful, clean, well-organised and large enough to comfortably support lots of holidaymakers. The beach is accessible from a long, winding road which leads to a car park.

Myrtos is free of the usual tourist trap paraphernalia that you can find elsewhere in Europe, but the lack of beach-side stalls and shops of any kind means that you will need to bring enough supplies to keep you going throughout the day. There are some parasols available across the beach, but otherwise, shade can be hard to come by, so don’t forget to bring plenty of sun cream. Visitors in the summer months should consider bringing their own shade too, as the beach gets very hot.

Myrtos is the world’s most beautiful pebble beach; while it can be somewhat difficult to reach, everyone agrees that it is a gratifying experience that no one wants to leave.


If you fancy a beach which caters more to tourists, then you are looking for the stunning Antisamos pebble beach. Myrtos is a quiet place full of natural beauty, but when you travel to Antisamos you don’t have to worry about packing food and drink, because there are plenty of local food vendors and tavernas on the verge.

Antisamos is the place to go if you want to experience some real beach action – watersports, snorkelling and cocktails are splendid ways of spending your time here.


Set just off the road by the coastal village of Aghia Ephimia, Paradise beach is open from mid-April til mid-October and is accompanied by the very successful Paradise Beach Taverna to quench any thirst and satiate any hunger that you might develop during your stay.

Paradise beach is where you’ll want to go if you want to find a beach that quietly supports tourism – not quite the isolation of Myrtos, but without the raucous activity you will find on Antisamos. Tourists describe Paradise Beach as having a local atmosphere that is friendly and welcoming to tourists.

You can enjoy the pink and white pebbles of Paradise beach from our villas in the Fiscardo area, some with their own pools and all with sea views.

2) Beautiful Kefalonia Pool Villas

In order to fully enjoy your holiday, you want to be living in style. After those grand adventures spent exploring Kefalonian mountains and exquisite Grecian beaches, you need somewhere equally beautiful to relax during your downtime. Luckily for you, we have plenty of Kefalonian pool villas scattered across this island for you to enjoy at competitive prices.

3) Captain Corelli’s Mandolin                                         

If you are a fan of Nicholas Cage films, then Kefalonia is a must-see. Various scenes from this romantic film were filmed on the beautiful beaches of Kefalonia; from Myrtos to Paradise, you will be able to walk in the footsteps of Captain Corelli’s best moments.

If you have yet to watch this film, we recommend seeing it before your stay in Kefalonia. Captain Corelli’s Mandolin is a bitter-sweet romance between an Axis Italian soldier (Nicholas Cage) and a local Kefalonian woman (Penélope Cruz) during the Second World War.

4) Kefalonia Wildlife

There is plenty of Wildlife in Kefalonia to search for, because the tropical climate supports a range of habitats across the island for various species to flourish in. From turtles to wild horses, you can see it all on Kefalonia.

If you fancy reading about the wildlife in Kefalonia in more detail, you should read our blog about it.

5) Water

As well as being an island full of mystery and adventure, Kefalonia is also very safe. Our tap water is perfectly safe to drink, so you don’t have to worry about making urgent trips to local shops for packs of bottled water on your arrival.

Kefalonia beaches are also wonderfully clean places, where you and your children can swim in confidence. If you’re interested in geological wonders, you could travel to see the amazing katavorthres – great sinkholes in the ocean where seawater flows with gusto. Kefalonia ’s katavorthres run across the entirety of the island, East to West, but you won’t run into them on the beaches mentioned in this blog.

Kefalonia is a fantastic place for you to spend your holiday; whether you’re going with friends or family, there is plenty to see, do and enjoy. We hope that you enjoy visiting Kefalonia’s best beaches from our pool villas. Make sure to bring your camera, because this destination has plenty that you will want to remember.

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