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7 Essentials When Planning a Holiday

After the excitement of booking your holidays comes the pleasure of planning where to go and what you’ll see once there. A great part of this process is packing your luggage! It’s important that you consider your holiday destination, the time of year you’re travelling and the weather, so that you can pack the right clothes and other essentials.

Knowing what these are, however, can be challenging, as they may vary according to where you want to go in the first place – you probably don’t need to take your computer and tablet with you, for example, as going technology-free can be very beneficial!

Setting up the perfect vacation to avoid leaving anything behind requires careful planning, which should always start with a list. Stress-free holidays begin by realising what you should and shouldn’t take with you, and to separate your essentials from everything else.

First Aid Kit

While overlooked by many, first aid kits are a must in every traveller’s luggage. You don’t need to take the entire pharmacy with you, but you should always carry the medicine you need, especially if you need prescription or the medicine is banned in other countries. For example, codeine is not accepted in Greece, so you need to take it with you.

Antiseptic and plasters to deal with any possible wound are also a must-have, as well as sunscreen and lotion to protect against the summer heat! If you have a fever or a migraine while on vacation, it may not be easy to find the right medicine – or they may not have the one you’re used to.

The Right Clothes

If you’re planning on going hiking during your holiday, pack hiking clothes. If you intend to go swimming, climb a mountain or simply walk for hours visiting monuments and museums, you need to take the appropriate clothing. You probably won’t need formalwear, so ask yourself if you really need it if you’re pressed for space. Attire that works well as an ‘all-rounder’ might be the best solution, and vacuum-packing works wonders to save space – although you’ll need to check if there’s a vacuum where you’ll be staying!

The Right Shoes

Just like your clothes, shoes are important pieces in any wardrobe, but they also occupy a lot of space in your bags. Think about how many pairs of shoes you really need by considering how long you’ll be away, so that you can cut down on that volume. Versatility is also important. If you take just high heels with you, you run the risk of having to purchase hiking shoes there, for instance – or comfortable shoes to go dancing! In order to save even more space, you can also place your socks inside the shoes.


These items can easily be forgotten. After all, we use electrical equipment every day and don’t think about it much, which can lead to the surprise of finding your mobile won’t charge without an adapter. If you’re going to need one, it’s important that you purchase it in advance, as airport prices tend to be high.


Important documents, such as your passport or boarding pass, need to be in order before your trip. On top of this, you should carry copies of everything, just in case something happens! Organise them in a folder or somewhere within easy reach.

Baggage Allowances

Even if you have flown recently, it’s better to always check if you still have the same allowance when it comes to your luggage. Over-packing means that you can be stuck at the check-in desk with heavy baggage that you need to sort out – or pay extra. To avoid this, you can weigh your luggage before going to the airport, or disperse some of the weight (if you don’t want to let go of anything) by placing items in your hand luggage if you have space. Plan ahead so you don’t have to leave your favourite summer read behind!

Travel Money

An essential to every trip is the money you’re going to need. Leaving it all to the last minute can be problematic, so organise it early in order to ensure that you can get the cheapest conversion rates. Also, if you’re planning on using a card while travelling, it’s vital that you avoid the high fees applied to credit cards by using ones specifically designed to be used abroad.

At Freelance Holidays we take great pride in providing you with the best possible holiday! Whether you want to get away from the busy city life or you just want to relax and be yourself for a few days, we’re here to cater to your needs and answer any questions.

Our villas offer a fantastic base to explore Crete and other stunning Mediterranean destinations, so get in touch with us today on
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