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7 Modes of Transport Around Kefalonia

Travelling on holiday shouldn’t have to be difficult, but for many of us, it is a task fraught with worry. The fear that you might end up on some remote part of the island with no English-speakers in sight is not uncommon, but you won’t have to panic with this handy guide to keep you smart about your transport around Kefalonia.

1) Plane

There is one airport in Kefalonia; the International Airport ‘Anna Pollatou’. If you are flying into Kefalonia, you will arrive at this airport. The nearest city to the airport is Argostoli, which is also the capital of Kefalonia. More than 400,000 travellers pass through this airport every year from numerous airlines, including Ryan Air, Sky Express, Easy Jet and Thomas Cook.

Kefalonia is a popular tourist destination so you have plenty of choice in airlines whether you are flying from a neighbouring Greek island or the UK. Summer is the most popular time to fly to Kefalonia, which means that prices can double during this period.

2) Boat

As an island in the Mediterranean, travelling by boat can be a very pleasurable experience. There are plenty of boating activities that can bring a sense of adventure to a hot day, such as the day cruises available from Argostoli Port.

Alternatively, you might be interested in a day trip from Kefalonia to the island of Lefkada, which you can access by ferry, leaving from Fiscardo. This route takes a little less than two hours of sea time to reach its destination. Alternatively, you could consider a trip to Greece, connecting Sami port in Kefalonia to Patras in Greece and taking just under three hours per trip.

3) Bus

While trains are non-existent on this island, buses are merely infrequent and so it is quite likely that you will be relying on taxis or car hire for the majority of your stay in Kefalonia. When transferring from the airport you may be able to catch the KTEL bus service but the times change often and can be unreliable.

4) Tour Bus

Although normal buses might be far and few between, there are plenty of tour buses to show you the island’s finest sites. Many recommend the Panem Day Trips which will take you to the mystical Underground Lake of Mellissani and the peaceful fishing village of Fiscardo. Alternatively, you could try the Kefalonian Wine Tour for a mature experience.

5) Taxi

There are a large number of taxis in Kefalonia, some of which capitalise on the airport traffic, meaning that you have a lot of choices when it comes to taxi providers. For journeys to and from the airport, you could choose either or Kefalonia Airport Taxis. For more general purposes, the Kefalonia Taxi Service can offer a range of services, from simple drop-offs to personalised private tours around the island, open 24/7.

6) Car Hire

An alternative to the public transport options is to hire a car from the airport to use during your stay. For a five-seater for three days, you can expect to pay around £50 at, and this will afford you the luxury of adventuring the island on your own terms and pace. Other car hire agencies include Hertz and Europcar, alongside the local agencies Prima Motors and Kokolis Travel.

7) Cycle Hire

For the energetic types looking to stay fit during their travels on Kefalonia, there are numerous opportunities to pick up a bicycle on the island. Rent A Bike in Argostoli has pedal bikes as well as high-quality quad bikes, but most notable is their impeccable customer service. When renting a bike with this business, you can trust that you will be in safe hands.

Leaving your holiday villa in Kefalonia has never been so easy with so much transport available to you. You could be languishing on a yacht journeying from bay to bay, enjoying a tour of Kefalonia’s most loved views from a tour bus or taxi. Alternatively, you could take your direction into your own hands by hiring a car or a bike, the choice is yours. However you prefer to travel, Kefalonian transport is here to support your holiday dreams.