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Why You Should Book Your Summer Holiday Now

With the blustering cold weather and the ever-dropping temperatures bowling us over, summer is probably the last thing on your mind. You might still be trying to arrange whose house you’re going to be spending Christmas at, never mind thinking about which holiday destinations you want to visit several months from now. It’s too soon, right? People can’t possibly be doing anything else this time of year other than stressing about Christmas.

Well, this is not the case. Whilst you may not want to think about it, there are plenty of advantages to booking your summer holiday early. Even before 2019 arrives, you should be thinking about your next big getaway in the summer months. Here are just some of the reasons why now is the perfect time to be booking your summer holiday.

More Flight Options

As the months roll on, fewer and fewer flights will be there for you to choose from. Booking flights abroad can be one of the most stressful, and often expensive, elements of arranging a holiday. Even if you may not have considered booking quite this early, many others will have, and they are currently snapping up the cheapest flights and best flight times.

Most airlines will start offering their summer 2019 holiday sales as early as the end of this year, so there’s really no need to hold out and see if you can get a better deal. Additionally, you’ll have a much better pick of flight times, airlines, airport destinations etc, the earlier you book.

Whilst there can be some great last-minute flight deals, it’s not a guarantee that there will be any suitable for you. You can sign up to airline email alerts to be made aware of any next year deals as they become available. Rather than take the risk of having to pay through the nose or having to get a very inconvenient flight time, save yourself the hassle by booking your flights as soon as possible.

A Plane Taking Off

Early Booking Discounts

People who book early can take advantage of early booking discounts. Whether it’s free or highly discounted child excursions or entertainment, free baggage check-in or free transportation to your accommodation from the airport, plenty of travel agents and tour operators will offer incentives to people who book their holidays early in the year. So, if you start the booking process now, you should be able to find yourself some great deals that will save you money in the long run.

You Won’t Have to Settle

Booking late in the year can seriously limit what’s available. This isn’t just limited to flights; summer is not only the most popular time to travel for most British holiday makers, but millions of people all over the world. If you’re travelling to a holiday hotspot, you should be aware that accommodation will get booked up fast. So, if you have your heart set on a particular destination, a specific week or two weeks in the summer and a preferred accommodation type and location, you would do well to start booking as soon as you’ve made these decisions.

When you book in advance, there’s no looming clock ticking down the time you have left to secure that dream holiday. There’s no point spending money on a holiday if you’re just settling for what was left available, you should spend those precious days off having the holiday you want. If you wanted a villa with a pool in Crete, then you can book that with us at Freelance Holidays.

Less Worry Further Down the Line

Leaving holiday bookings until the last minute brings a whole new layer of stress to the process. Not knowing whether you will be able to find somewhere to stay, book affordable flights or even get to stay in the location you wanted to are all concerns that you will have to deal with if you leave booking until the last minute.

Woman Relaxing in a Lounger

If you book everything well in advance, you can sit back and relax for the upcoming months, allowing yourself plenty of time to get in the holiday mood and look forward to your trip away. Without the stress and worry of trying to find deals and options for travel at the last minute, you can enjoy the holiday build-up, reassured that you have a well-deserved holiday on the horizon, waiting for you.

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