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Can I go on holiday this year?

Are you looking forward to a holiday in 2021? Like everyone else, the Freelance Villas team have been separated from family and friends for months and like you, we’re desperate to feel the sun on our faces.

The vaccine programmes being rolled out across the UK and Europe offer the prospect of summer holidays at last. Perhaps you are thinking of a villa holiday in the Mediterranean?

Whether your dream villa is a rural escape or a grand design for extended family, our top tip is to look before you book. Travel companies come in all shapes and sizes and it has never been more important to do your research.

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A Flexible Approach to Covid-19 Travel Restrictions

Look for a holiday company with a good track record for customer service and a flexible Covid-19 booking policy. Size isn’t everything: some of the biggest holiday brands have delivered the worst customer service during the pandemic, while smaller specialists have excelled.  

Throughout the pandemic, as international borders close, air corridors open and shut, and lockdowns bring travel to a halt, Freelance Villas have bent over backwards to offer maximum flexibility to our guests.

We are an independent villa agency, offering personal service since 1984. Many of our guests return year after year. We have long-standing relationships with villa owners and can react quickly each time travel restrictions change, responding positively to guests who have to change travel plans, often at short notice.

Freelance Villas Coronavirus Travel Restriction Guarantee

Our special Covid-19 Guarantee means that if the Government impose travel restrictions that stop you from travelling to your holiday destination, we will gladly move your villa reservation to a new date (at the equivalent value). For UK residents this includes Foreign Office (FCDO) advice against travel.

If you are unable to confirm a new date, we will issue a Credit Note for any monies paid, to allow you to re-book when you are ready. Our Credit Notes are valid for stays up to 31 December 2022.

Read the full Terms and Conditions of our Covid Travel Restriction Guarantee.

Is it too soon to book a villa holiday?

It is never too soon to think about a holiday! We’re certainly dreaming of sea views and cool pools, of good food and good company.

As we already hold bookings for customers who had to postpone their 2020 travel plans, some of our most popular villas are already busy in peak season. While we will continue to take on individual villas that meet our criteria, we won’t compromise our approach to add short-term capacity, so our message to you is to talk to us sooner rather than later, safe in the knowledge that we will continue to be both flexible and fair about Covid-19 travel restrictions.

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Do I need Travel Insurance for Covid-19?

Many travel insurance policies now provide Coronavirus cover. We are not an insurance broker and do not sell travel insurance, but we strongly recommend you take out comprehensive insurance that provides cover for cancellation due to Covid-19 as well as other risks associated with travelling including, but not limited to:

  • illness, accident, repatriation in the event of an emergency
  • personal accident and medical expenses
  • inability to travel due to airline failure or flight cancellation
  • being diagnosed with Covid-19 or being required to quarantine due to Covid-19
  • being unable to travel due to work commitments or restrictions upon return
  • loss, theft or damage to/of personal possessions or money

We are members of ABTA and you may find the ABTA Travelsure Policy of interest.

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