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The Caves Of Kefalonia

The island of Kefalonia is home to a variety of stunning landscapes, from magnificent beaches and dramatic mountain landscapes, to picturesque villages and medieval towns. A more unique aspect of the scenery of the island are Kefalonia’s intriguing underground caves and lakes, which are a key part of the distinctive geology of the island. Here we take a closer look at some of these fantastic caves, which really are a must see for visitors to the island.

Melissani Cave

By far one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island is the Melissani cave, which is an important geological feature in its own right. This hidden gem is a truly magical place to visit, and also features a magnificent sky blue lake which has an almost ethereal feel.

Legend has it that the cave used to belong to the nymphs and in ancient times the cave was a place dedicated to the worship of the god Pan. The cave remained unexplored for many years before being accidentally discovered in the 1950’s.

Upon further exploration, it was revealed that the cave is in fact part of a vast underground network, that reaches across the island. Part of the ceiling of the cave collapsed due to an earthquake, meaning the roof of the cave now opens onto the sky, offering dramatic, breathtaking views.

The cave is open to the public and can be accessed through a short tunnel. The lake itself can also be explored using row boats, and all in all, a visit to the Melissani cave is a truly magical experience.

Drogarati Cave

Another unique geological phenomenon on the island of Kefalonia is the Drogarati cave.

The cave was first discovered around 300 years ago when a strong earthquake triggered a collapse of part of the cave revealing its entrance. The cave features an impressive array of stalactites and stalagmites, formed over a period of thousands of years which hang from the roof in a variety of fantastic designs.

According to some experts, the cave is thought to date back around 150 million years, and is in many respects a masterpiece of nature. Parts of the cave are open to tourists, and a number of musical events are also held here throughout the year thanks to the excellent acoustics the cave provides.

Hopefully this will have inspired you to discover some of these amazing sights for yourself.

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