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Crete on Insta: Scenery and Selfies

Today, we’re engaging with the fantastic community that is Crete’s tourists! We know that you have a talent for making our island shine on Instagram and Pinterest, so in this blog, we’re celebrating some of the best scenes and selfies with you.

Finding Chania…

Chania and Elounda both compete for the position of the most beautiful region in Crete; both exhibit a charmingly rural fishing-village atmosphere, combined with the fantastic Mediterranean sun and sea. There are plenty of scenes in Chania to get the perfect picture that your profile needs. In this section, we consider a few of the best from Chania.

By the Sea in Chania Old Town

A deep blue sea with gorgeous orange tones; this Insta shows great understanding of complementary colours and how to use them to its advantage, but we’re sure that Chania’s rolling seas and the fantastic lighthouse in the background also helped this image to stand out from the crowd!

Lighthouse – Close Up

That lighthouse in the previous ‘gram seems to attract a lot of attention online. If you’re photographing a popular icon for your Instagram and want to stand out from the crowd, then you could take this piece as a fine example; great composition and interesting colour scheme will surely help you achieve the fame you deserve.

Something Unusual

Elafonisi beach in Chania has the most unusual pink sand, which looks absolutely stunning against the clear turquoise waters. The swimmer at the centre adds action to the scene, giving it a brilliant sense of movement. We wonder how many takes it took to get this picture-perfect!

Loving Life

Showing off your latest fashion is easy when you’re in as beautiful and vibrantly coloured place as Crete! Find the perfect background to complement any outfit whilst you explore Chania’s Old Town.

Finding Elounda…

We love Elounda in Lasithi, and we’re sure that you’ll love to bulk out your Instagram profile with amazing scenes from this gorgeous region. Take your camera and tripod or phone and selfie stick for an amazing album to show your friends when you return home.

Stunning Clear Oceans

This photographer has mastered the art of shooting crystal clear images through water by minimising the reflection of light through the water’s surface. Enjoying a boat ride can be a great experience, for both you and your followers on Instagram!

In Touch with Nature

It’s well known that people are more likely to engage with pictures that have other humans in them, but sometimes the local wildlife is too good to be upstaged. This savvy goat has taken to the centre stage for this picturesque post.

Loving the Composition

Composition counts and doing something interesting with your images can make a huge difference. This image shows a simple – though elegant – shot of Elounda’s waters, brought to life by the heart motif that the creator has chosen. If you have an idea for a great composition, why not turn it into a series?

Great Innovation

This composition is incredibly inventive; the use of filters and colour really brings Crete’s coastline to life. Experimentation is at the heart of photography, so always be ready to make use of whatever you have to hand to help your Instagram pictures achieve success.

We love seeing Crete through your lens; every visitor sees our island a little differently, but it’s quite clear that everyone who visits falls deeply in love with the sun, sea and scenery. If you want to experience the best of Crete, you should stay at one of our holiday villas in Crete where we have the perfect scenes for your next Instagram collection in Crete:
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