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Eating Out in Sicily: What Food To Try When You’re There

Not only can we provide you with a range of breathtaking villas with pools in Sicily, we can also give you the lowdown on everything else you need to know about the beautiful island.

For example, did you know that Sicilian food is considered to be some of the best in the world? We would go as far to say that it’s world famous. Varied and diverse, we guarantee that you will find something to please everyone in your party.

An Italian summer dish  associated with Sicily, Caponata, with selective focus

Don’t just take our word for it though – here are some of the Sicilian favourites that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on.


This dish is based on eggplant – something that you will find in a lot of popular Sicilian dishes. It’s made by chopping and frying the eggplant and then seasoning with balsamic vinegar. You might also find that some places also add nuts or raisins for extra texture.

It’s described as being a ‘sweet and sour salad’ that can either be a main dish or a side.

Pane e Pannelle

This is more of a street food that something you’ll find in a restaurant but it’s still extremely popular.  It basically involves panelle (chickpea fritters) being served between two pieces of bread. It’s basically a sandwich – but a very tasty one!

Sandwich with panelle and crocchette on white background. typical Sicilian food

Spaghetti ai ricci

If you asked someone from Sicily what the speciality was, we guarantee that most people will say seafood. It’s a staple of many dishes – sea urchins are even a thing!

Spaghetti ai ricci involves cutting the sea urchins in half and scooping out all the good parts of the meat. It’s this meat that you have taken out that will flavour the spaghetti and give it the salty taste. Generally, it takes about 15 sea urchins to flavour one portion of pasta – so it can get pricy! It’s worth trying though.


We couldn’t finish this food guide without mentioning a desert – and cannoli is our absolute favourite.

It’s simply a tube of fried dough that gets stuffed with sweetened ricotta and then topped with chocolate or candied fruit. Yum!

cannoli iStock_000014472808_Medium

The delicious food is just one of the reasons why you should choose Sicily as your next holiday destination. It has stunning scenery, beautiful beaches and plenty of history and culture to delve into.

Here at Freelance Holidays we are able to provide you with accommodation that serves as a fantastic base to explore the island or as somewhere to chill out when you take a day off from your adventure.

Castle Scilla in Calabria, Italy

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