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Experience the Tranquillity of Menorca

Menorca is a short trip across the water from the likes of Ibiza and Mallorca, but it might as well be in a different universe. The Balearic Islands may have a well-worn reputation for hard-partying, but Menorca’s stunning scenery, charming local villages, great beaches and tranquil aura are perfect for a relaxing holiday in the Mediterranean.

To preserve Menorca’s peaceful atmosphere and unique cultural qualities, UNESCO recently declared this island a Biosphere reserve; this means that much of its wildlife, wetlands and bronze age archaeological sites are protected from the degradation that often accompanies the tourist foot traffic in hotspots.

Menorca has over 200 km of gorgeous coastline, interspersed with stunning headlands and pristine white sand. A holiday here can be a deliciously peaceful experience, decorated with tasteful cultural tours and traditional archaeological findings. Here, you can find awe-inspiring natural scenery, alongside the seclusion and privacy that you desire from your holiday.

Parc Natural S’Albufera des Grau

While the beaches are undoubtedly the attraction bringing in the most visitors, Menorca has so much more to offer its guests. During your relaxing tour of this island, you shouldn’t skip a visit to the Parc Natural S’Albufera des Grau – perhaps the most well-preserved wetlands environment in the whole Mediterranean. This gorgeous park has three designated routes for walks across 5,000 hectares, and the park is fully equipped to serve disabled visitors. There are plenty of tours and guides offering trips around the area, so mark this one down on your holiday plan now.

Charming Villages and Traditional Life

Across the island, you’ll find charming whitewashed villages where residents still operate under a fairly traditional way of life. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the island’s treasures – traditional villages included – from our pool villas in Menorca. Alternatively, there’s sure to be lots going on in your local area if you’re looking for bars, beaches, tapas or restaurants – and a villa with a pool will ensure that there’s always something to do back at the house.

Ciutadella: The Town of Cathedrals and Festivals

For those seeking classic Menorcan culture, the town of Ciutadella is well worth a visit. Here, you’ll find some stunning architecture and a cathedral in the town, but it’s also the island’s main social hub.

If you’re booking your holiday around June 23-24, then you could easily attend the festival of Saint Joan, patron saint of Ciutadella. During this event, you can expect revelry, refreshments and lots of dancing. The festival of Saint Joan is an especially cheery time to stay in Menorca, and well worth booking for if your dates are flexible.

Smooth Sailing

Swimming is one way to cool off, but a journey a little further afield could show you Menorca from a new perspective. Take to a glass-bottomed catamaran to experience the high seas a little differently. Be aware that a journey on a catamaran will require some strong sea legs and that you may be better suited to a different water tour if you suffer from motion sickness. On the other hand, finding the sea-tour that’s right for you could spell a day of cool excitement with the sea breeze.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet getaway to find peace with nature, or somewhere with plenty of areas to explore, then you’re looking for Menorca. Our villas are all well-located, often close to both the town and beach for any excursion you might have planned. We provide all bed linen, bath and hand towels for your accommodation so that you can pack luxuries instead of essentials. You can even pre-order a grocery shop so that you can get to relaxing straight away.

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