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Finding Food in Menorca

Typical spanish tapas concept. Concept include slices jamon, bowls with olives, anchovies, spicy potatoes, mashed chickpeas, shrimp, calamari, manchego with quince marmalade, pans with tortilla, paella, mussels on a wooden table.


Beaches, architecture and lizards
abound in Menorca and these are just some of the attractions that you could be
enjoying during a visit. This is a Spanish island with talented palettes
belonging to the chefs who make their living here. In this article, we showcase
the best of the best eateries on Menorca for a fantastic foodie holiday.

Son Bou

This is a trendy village on the
southern coast of the island with lots of places to eat. Overwhelmingly, the
choice of restaurants in Son Bou fall into the Spanish or Mediterranean
category, but you can find some pizzeria’s, pubs and British establishments
here and there. After a day spent working up a sweat playing on the beach, you
will be thankful for this handy food guide:

Sunset on the beaches of Son Bou, on Menorca.

Restaurante Casa Andres

For a pricier experience that is
sure to impress, Casa Andres is one of the best Mediterranean dining
experiences in Son Bou. It is wheelchair accessible, English-speaking and
equipped with a range of free-from menus to satisfy most diners.

A highlight of the Casa Andres
experience is the flambé, but their seafood, silver service and presentation
are also highly reputed.

Xiringuito Es corb Mari

Xiringuito is the restaurant with
the best views on this guide, and you’ll be happy to know that the food won’t
disappoint you either. This eatery overlooks the gorgeous Menorcan coast which
only increases in beauty as the day grows closer to sunset. Xiringuito is a
very popular place to dine so be prepared for it to get busy. On the other
hand, its popularity is a testament to its service and value for money

Il Capo

This Italian restaurant and
Pizzeria is a bit of walk away from central Son Bou, but it is perfect for a
slightly cheaper evening filled with lots of good food. Il Capo offers both vegetarian
and vegan options, as well as having a host of capable English speakers in its
staff roster. While most travel to Il Capo for its pizza, its variety of
seafood should not be missed.

Kit Cat Bar

This is a typical British bar
where you can reconnect with home. The food here is standard but you might want
to visit for the atmosphere or to catch up on the football. Kit Cat is your
home away from home, with everything from British booze to pub quiz.


Like Son Bou, Binibequer is
another coastal village in Menorca with similar attractions and eateries.
Binibequer is split into two areas, Nou and Vell, which are East and West
respectively. Much like how you may sometimes see Menorca written as Minorca,
you may also see Binibequer written as Binibeca but don’t worry – it is the
same place and it’s full of good food.

binibeca traditional fishing village in Menorca

Saltire Restaurante

This Spanish-Mediterranean
restaurant boasts views to challenge the Xiringuito in Son Bou – situated on
the Southern coast of Menorca this fine dining establishment mimics the coastal
colours in its interior design.

The dining area isn’t the only
aspect that has benefited from a great deal of care and attention, however, the
service is impeccable and the food is fantastic. The Saltire Restaurant has
earned a reputation as one of the best restaurants in Binibequer.

Restaurant El Pescadito

Fish fanatics should eat here at
least once because the Restaurant El Pescadito translates quite literally as
the ‘Restaurant of Fish’. They offer vegetarian, gluten-free and meat options
too, but they shine most when it comes to their fish menu. Situated in central
Binibequer, this restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner.

Bucaneros Binibequer

‘Bucaneros’ is a Spanish word
closely related to the British ‘Buccaneer’, meaning pirate, sea-adventurer or
swashbuckler. The Bucaneros Binibequer plays up to its name with its rustic
outdoor beach setting. It’s a bar with a fun theme, but without being tacky;
you won’t find any plastic pirate flags here, only good food with brilliant
beach views.

Wherever your pool apartment in Menorca is located, we’re sure
that you will succeed in finding plenty of fine eating establishments to
compliment your days. All establishments mentioned in this article are English
speaking as a first or second language for your convenience. If you have been
inspired to visit Menorca for food or more, we have plenty of villas in Son Bou
and Binibequer for you to enjoy your holiday from

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