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Must Try Foods in Mallorca

We’ve already looked at the culinary delights that Greece and Menorca have to offer if you’re jetting off there this autumn. But for those of you that are eyeing up holiday villas in Mallorca for your next getaway, we’ve put together our food hit list for you to sample on your travels.

Being the bigger cousin of Menorca, Mallorca has a fair few things to offer. There’s sun, there’s sea, there’s sand and there’s bags of culture! But we’ve always found that the key to someone’s heart is through their stomach – so here’s how the Balaeric Island will win you over.

A variety of  healthy freshly baked bagels.

Bread and Pastries

When visiting a different country, it’s always nice to sample some of their cuisine instead of sticking to old favourites. That’s why we think you should throw out the cereal in favour of an ensaimada for breakfast. People have tried and failed at making this spiral yeast bun off the island (it’s thought that the sea air helps the dough rise) but we know for a fact that it’s delicious!

For lunchtime sample a famous Mallorcan cocarrois. These pies look similar to a Cornish pasty, but there are a variety of fillings to choose from and are typically vegetarian.

Look Out For Seafood

As a Spanish island, you’d expect there to be paella on most menus. Well we can tell you that there is, but with an interesting local twist! Fideua is paella made with noodles rather than rice. Of course, there are also plenty of fresh grilled fish options to choose from.

Salmon filet with spices on a wooden carving board. Macro shot.

Very Veggie

Mallorca grows a variety of vegetables, making it a haven for the herbivores among you and a welcome chance to sample some new and interesting cuisine for everyone else.

There are wholesome rice soups, cauliflower with raisins and pine nuts, pumpkin fritters and a range of local mushroom dishes to choose from that are bound to make every belly happy!

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