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Mallorca Or Menorca: Which Is Better To Spend Your Holidays In 2021?

Are you looking for a perfect holiday destination to start your year with a bang? Do you long for the kind of holiday where your mind is calm, your heart is happy, and your body, well, your body gets enough sun to keep you warm throughout the year? The Balearic Islands are calling you. They are a totally stunning place for a holiday that is perfect for any traveler. It can be tough to pinpoint just one island to visit. While there are numerous enticing holiday villas in Mallorca, Menorca is swarmed with adventure sports and activities. We’ve decided to discount the party island of Ibiza and concentrate on the two M’s; Mallorca and Menorca.

You might be wondering where to set your camp this holiday and which is the better of the two? It all depends on what you are looking for. Turquoise waters ideal for swimming and water sports? Beautiful countryside? Architecture and culture? Sun-kissed cove-like beaches? Delicious Mediterranean dishes? The fact is, both these islands offer all this and beyond. But the real question that arises is which one of the two to choose.

Introduction to Mallorca and Menorca

Tourists and travelers say that Menorca is a tad quieter than its neighboring islands of Mallorca and Ibiza. And the quietness is all part of its charm. The serenity this island has to offer is what entices the visitors. 

Both the islands have an identical climate with around 250 days of sunshine and little rain.  Also, January and February are rather two chilly months on both islands.

Menorca- The Hidden Gem

If there is any significant difference between Menorca and Mallorca, it would be the former’s much smaller size. It is also known to be a hidden gem as it is not known internationally as its neighbor Mallorca.

As we said already, Menorca is far quieter than Mallorca. And the fact that Mallorca’s capital Palma has four times as many residents as the whole of Menorca explains the quietness.  We recommend you rent holiday villas in Menorca with pools and have the most peaceful holiday of your life.

Mallorca is ritzier as compared to Menorca. On the latter island, you won’t find many billionaires posing on their superyachts. You won’t find crowded beaches, buses, and bars, and you won’t find loads of boozy young blokes fighting over a bottle of ketchup.

What you’ll get there is a fascinating history and culture, a gentle, gorgeous isle, and healthy regard for the environment. And this is what makes Menorca perfect for family holidays.  Gorgeous white beaches, spectacular sceneries, rugged Northern coastlines, breathtaking coves, and bays are some of the fantastic perks of visiting Menorca.

The interior of the island is just as beautiful as the outskirts. With the pretty, timeless villages to visit, this island is perfect for a serene holiday.

How Can You Spend Your Time In Menorca?

Take a look at some of the best things to do in Menorca when you visit.

1. Head To The Cliff And Cave Bar

If you are looking for splendid views within the dramatic cliffs, there is no place better than the epic Cave Bar. Without a doubt, this is one of the most incredible spots to watch the sunset as well. With a pomade cocktail in hand and a loved one by your side, it is going to be a perfect holiday. It is one of the best things to do in Menorca if you fancy a tipple.

2. Enjoy The Best Menorca Beaches

If there is anything that you should not miss out on while you are in Menorca, it is diving straight into the waters of the most beautiful beaches there. This island is home to 99 beaches, making it a brilliant destination for those wanting to soak up all the Vitamin D. Rent holiday villas in Menorca with poolsfor a comfortable stay while you explore the watery heaven.

3. Kayak Along The South-West Coast Of Menorca

With 216 km of sparkling Mediterranean coastline, Menorca is an excellent place to enjoy a day of lazy paddling. There is nothing more fun and adventurous than kayaking through the turquoise waters along Menorca’s south-west coast.

Mallorca-The Star Of The Mediterranean

You cannot ignore the sheer magnificence of this incredible Mediterranean island. Are you looking for a place that features stunning mountains and valleys, crystal-clear waters, a superb warm climate, fabulous food, fascinating culture? Mallorca is the place to be. Add to this a little indulgent celeb-spotting, and you see why Mallorca is one of the most enterprising and enticing holiday destinations in the world.

Mallorca has everything you’ve been looking for in your holiday destination. If you are an ardent traveler, there are loads of activities to enjoy; trails to hike, golf galore, tennis. And if cycling is something you cherish, there are also options for that. Feel like soaking some skin; beach sun is waiting for you with open arms. The island is dotted with small, cove-like inlets sheltered from the wind. You can rent family villas in Mallorca and have fun in the turquoise waters.

Things To Do In Mallorca

1.Enjoy The Hairpin Drive To Sa Calobra & Torrente De Pareis

If there is one drive you want to cherish, make it this one. It is one of the most favorite things to do in Mallorca.  You cannot stop yourself from oohing and aahing at the incredible scenery. And once you reach port Sa Calobra, carry on walking down the road. There is a lot more to see. Beautiful scenery, bright blue waters, and caves await you.

2. Relax And Snorkel Off A Catamaran

Heading out on the water for a day is another excellent way to take in the Mallorca sun. All you need to do is visit places like Oasis Catamaran, sit back, relax, and let the day float by. The free flow of cocktails and snacks are a bonus.

3. Visit Valldemossa And Try A Local Delicacy.

Situated amid the Tramuntana Mountains, Valldemossa is a picturesque, rural village.  Olive groves and windy roads surround it. The well-maintained gardens and sandstone buildings are what make it a tad distinguished from the city center of Palma. If you are longing to taste an authentic delicacy, this is the place to explore.

The Takeaway

If you are looking for a relaxing holiday, Menorca is the place to be. The peace, serenity, prettiness, and tranquility offered by this island are unmatched. Book holiday villas in Menorca with pools and unwind with your family. Make sure you carry back a lot of memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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