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Experience Menorca By Bike

Menorca is an island of rich culture, fantastic weather and unspoilt beauty, making it the perfect holiday destination. One of the best ways to discover the beauty of Menorca for yourself is by bike; the island is renowned for its many fantastic cycling routes. Menorca’s fantastic landscape is home to a variety of spectacular rolling hills, stunning coastal views, and quiet country roads. The island is also relatively flat, making it a real haven for cyclists of all abilities. So, whether you’re a cycling novice, or an experienced cycling pro, here is a quick guide to exploring Menorca by bike.

Cami de Cavalls

There are several well-posted cycling routes on the island for you to enjoy, in addition to a number of other more challenging trails, perfect for mountain biking. One of the best cycling areas in Menorca for mountain biking is the Cami de Cavalls.

This ancient bridleway, which runs along the island’s fantastic coastline, passes through a number of idyllic towns, essentially allowing you to cycle your way around Menorca. The route encircles the island and totals 116 miles (186 kilometres). It is well sign-posted and is split into 20 sections, passing by secluded beaches, stonewalled meadows and traditional fishing villages.

Some sections of the path are more suited to the experienced cyclist; however, easier sections of the path can be found along the south west coast, making it the ideal route for mountain bikers of all abilities and ages. In summer, the cafes and restaurants in the small resort villages are open for rest stops, and the beaches are perfect for a quick cooling swim during the heat of the day.

Beautiful Menorca


The south east of the island is home to a number of more modern cycling routes that take you through a variety of stunning landscapes and quaint, traditional villages. If you’re looking for a more relaxed cycling adventure, then there are plenty of great cycling routes around the Binibequer area for you to enjoy. Some of the larger towns located on the island, such as Ciutadella, are also home to a number of well-maintained cycling routes, which are perfect for exploring some of the older parts of this ancient town.

Lighthouse Race

For the more experienced and serious cyclists who fancy a more challenging ride, there is the gruelling lighthouse tour which totals 210 kilometres and includes the main lighthouses located around Menorca’s coastline. Each year, the Tour of the Lighthouses Race is organised by the Cycling Association of Menorca, and the lighthouses visited include Cap d’Artrutx and Punta Nati to the west, Illa de S’Aire to the south east and the Faro de Cavalleria and Far de Favaritx on the northern coastline, before finishing the race with a climb to the top of Monte Toro.

There are so many places across the island where you can hire bikes of all kinds, for just a day, or the duration of your stay. As a handy tip, it’s worth being aware that wearing a helmet when cycling is required by Spanish Law, so make sure you hire one of these, too. You can also find plenty more information about the major cycling routes at the numerous tourist information offices and centres located across the island. The spring season in particular is a great time for cycling in Menorca, as the climate is just right, and the countryside is typically brimming with an abundance of greenery and wildlife.

Mountain Biking

Cycling is just one of the many fantastic activities you can enjoy in Menorca. Here at Freelance Holidays, we have a fantastic range of villas with pools in Menorca, the perfect place to stay during your Menorca cycling adventure. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today, and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help you with your enquiries.

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