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Plan a Stress-Free Holiday

Vacations should be relaxing, not stressful. After making a decision on the perfect getaway you need to start planning it, so that you can enjoy a magical holiday with your loved ones! Unplanned events can happen, but being as prepared as possible can help you avoid unpleasant situations – or help you turn them around in time for you to still have a fun, memorable holiday!Passport, credit cards and a map.


Be Flexible

You can quickly become stressed if you’ve planned everything to the smallest detail and then find yourself rushing to see everything on your list or upset at how a train delay caused you to miss out on an opportunity. While having a plan is essential, since it can help you remember everything you have to take with you, you should still allow yourself to be open to the unexpected.

Unforeseen events can create wonderful memories, so plan activities for specific days but keep an open mind for the rest, be spontaneous, and enjoy some downtime as well – after all, this was probably the reason why you wanted a holiday in the first place!

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Knowing what you’ll find once you get to your holiday destination, at least in broad terms, is important. Knowing the local climate can help you pack your luggage better and account for sun or snow – otherwise you may go on holiday only to find yourself right in the middle of monsoon season.

Travel Planning

Research can also give you an idea of local customs and things you should or shouldn’t do once you’re there, as well as a basic knowledge of the local language, which can help you in your day-to-day activities. Some countries also require tourist visas, and most have different currencies than the one you’re used to, so ensuring that you do your research and are prepared is vital for a stress-free holiday!

Pack in Time

People get (rightfully) excited about their vacation and most start planning it straight away – however, one thing that holidaymakers tend to do and that adds unnecessary stress is leaving the packing to the last minute. You don’t need to pack a month in advance, but making sure that you have a list of everything you need to take with you and begin packing a week before.

You often think you’re done packing and yet you’ll suddenly remember you forgot something crucial to your holiday, so starting it in advance can save you a lot of trouble later.

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Prepare Your Home

One of the most stressful factors when planning a holiday is making sure everything home-related is taken care of. Arrange for someone to attend to your garden or pets, cancel subscriptions, make sure you don’t have any groceries that may go bad while you’re away, and much more. This way, not only will you be at ease during your vacation, but your home will also be ready for when you return.

Ensuring that your vacation is eventful in the best of ways and not stressful at all is the dream of all holidaymakers! Being spontaneous and being well-prepared, while seemingly contrary concepts, are both important, and can help you plan and enjoy your break from normal routine.

Our villas make the perfect base for a stress-free holiday, so get in touch with our team and we’ll help you find the right one for you!

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