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Sand in your sandals; your guide to holiday footwear

When you are packing for your holiday you will undoubtedly be hit by the difficult decision of which footwear to take away with you. In this instance, the old adage of ‘choice is a curse’ rings very much true, and the more options you have, the harder it is to choose the right one for your requirements.

With years of experience providing the best villas in Sicily we like to consider ourselves experts on exactly what footwear you will need to pack for maximum comfort and enjoyment. To help pass on our accrued knowledge we have put together this handy guide to help you assess which shoes you should and shouldn’t pack.

The most important factor in choosing shoes is to first know what you will be getting up to whilst you are away. To help us properly show which shoes you should be packing we have chosen to use examples of the most popular holiday activities to really highlight which shoes to pack;

Hitting the Beach

Spending a day relaxing on the beach can be one of the most life-affirming ways to spend time; feeling the warm sand under your feet and swimming in the crystal clear sea gives you a real feeling of connection. The most appropriate beach footwear is of course the flip flop! Despite usually being no more than a slither of foam with a rubber thong to keep them on your feet, these holiday classics manage to be surprisingly comfortable.


*Flip flop top tip – Their diminutive size means they take up very little space in your case, so you can get away with taking a few pairs!


With stunning vistas and incredible views to be seen, all of our villa locations have plenty of natural beauty for you to uncover and enjoy. Some of the terrain can be quite tough though, and you are sure to need a sturdy pair of shoes to make sure you can comfortably explore. Any seasoned holiday explorer will testify to the need for a pair of rugged, trusted hiking boots, especially if you want to get some impressive photographs.


*Hiking boots top tip – As sturdy shoes take up a lot of room in your case, it’s good practice to travel in them to ensure you still have room in your case.

Heading Out for the Evening

Whether it’s to enjoy the local delicacies at the nearest restaurant or if you have something special planned, you will inevitably need to take some dress shoes along with you. Whilst holidays are supposed to be the most relaxed and casual time of your year, it’s always nice to get dressed up, and your favourite pair of shoes are sure to make your evening that little bit more special.


*Dress shoes top tip – As you will not want to have to polish your shoes whilst you are away, polish them before you leave and wrap them in a towel. The towel will stop them getting scuffed and ensure that there is no polish transfer onto your clothes.

Keeping Up Your Fitness Routine

If you are one of those brave souls that likes to continue their fitness schedule whilst they are on holiday then we salute you! You will want to make sure that you take something a little more flexible and comfortable for running than flip flops. A good pair of running shoes is essential for those that want to continue to pound the pavement to justify those extra couple of drinks of an evening.


*Running shoes top tip – Never try to break in a new pair of shoes whilst you are on holiday; that usually ends in pain and blisters. Packing your old, faithful shoes will ensure that you remain comfortable.

We hope that you have enjoyed our little round-up of which shoes you should be packing, and that it’s helpful next time you come to packing your case!

If our blog has got you looking forward to this year’s holiday then look no further, simply contact us today and we will be more than happy to help you arrange your perfect trip; you can even do it in your slippers…

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