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Why Luxury Hotels Are No Match for Luxury Villa Rentals?

A lot of things have changed over the decades in the travel industry. Earlier, there was a time when just staying in a comfy room with all amenities was considered a luxury. Then big, grand luxury hotels entered the arena and were popular for their amazing views from balconies. In recent years, a travelers’ experience of luxury has shifted from five-star luxury hotels to luxury villas. That brings the question, what is so special about luxury villas and why luxury hotels are no match for luxury villa rentals?

If you are planning a week-long trip to Crete in the coming months with family or friends, consider staying in a luxury villa rental. There is a reason why we are saying that. Explore some of the key reasons why luxury hotels are no match for luxury holiday villa rentals.

Privacy – it’s just us!

No hotel can offer you the level of privacy a luxury villa can offer, unless no one else is staying in the hotel. If no one is staying in the hotel, you can assume what it means. On the other hand, the villa simply means a secluded and safe haven. The whole space is available for you, guaranteeing peace and serenity. You’re not sharing pools with other travelers; there are no restrictions on the space you use in the garden; you can be as comfortable as you are at home; and live in luxury. There is no good luxury hotel that can offer such a secluded stay.

Competitive Pricing

Most people have raised their eyebrows the moment we say luxury villa rentals are more cost-effective than a luxury hotel. No doubt you are right when we compare the price of stay in a luxury villa for one night with the stay in a luxury hotel for the same period, but when it comes to an extended stay for a group, just compare the pricing of stay in a luxury villa with a luxury hotel for the same level of amenities. You will find no good luxury hotel can beat the pricing of an extended stay in a luxury villa with the same level of amenities.

Stunning Views

If you search what the word villa, you will find that it is used to define luxury houses in beautiful landscapes with pools, vineyards, gardens and fountains. Today’s luxury villas beat their counterparts just by their incredible locations. Sea view villas, valley view villas, beachfront villas and mountain view villas are some of the popular search terms used for luxury villas located in some of the incredible locations. These luxury villas offer stunning views that are really hard to find with luxury hotels, which are designed for maximizing profits.

Amenities & Service

Above, we have explained that villas are luxury houses with pools, vineyards, gardens and fountains. The tradition has continued for centuries and there are some great additions to what luxury villas have to offer such as state-of-art gyms, bars and theatre rooms. This is how luxury villas beat any luxury hotel quite comfortably. Luxury villas offer you insane luxurious amenities that you can enjoy with your family at your disposal without worrying about sharing with others. Exceptional service and hospitality is another aspect that makes staying in luxury villas truly special.

So, are you considering staying with your family in luxury Crete villas with pools for your next family trip?

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