Covid-19 Safe Villas

What to expect on your Villa Holiday, Covid-19 safe Villas

We all know the world has changed these past months and everyone is having to make changes along the way. Please understand that measures have been taken by the owners to follow official rules & regulations to ensure you have a covid-19 safe villa holiday experiance, some things will not be done in the same way as they were before the Covid-19 era. You will also be required to do things a little differently on holiday as well. We are all hoping that through our combined efforts between our local staff, owners, cleaners etc, we all wish everyone a happy experience whilst on holidays even when applying rules and sticking to health & safety guidelines for the benefit of everyone. 

Covid-19 safe Villas

1, Before Your Arrival

Based on new regulations for Covis-19 Safe Villas from the Greek Government who have followed guidelines from the  World Health Organisation &  the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, they have created a strict protocol which goes above and beyond our usual high cleaning standards. The owners are following seminars & getting trained for the new cleaning & disinfecting protocol in order to create an exceptional level of hygiene at our villas. To help stop the spread of the virus.

2, On Arrival
After the villa has been thoroughly cleaned  a final swish of disinfectant is sprayed on all hard surfaces/handles/switches. Once  housekeeping has completed their checklist the green “Clean” sticker (signed/dated) will be placed on the entry door. 

This will ensure you that no one has entered the Villa afterwards and a clear indication the Villa is ready to be occupied. If you do not see the green sticker on the door, please do not enter, it indicates that the villa is not ready and housekeeping hasn’t finished, so please let them continue undisturbed.


3. Inside the Villa
Inside the villa, the owners will leave a bottle of antibacterial hand sanitiser (or a wall mounted dispenser), a disinfectant spray and kitchen towel roll, in addition to an ample supply of liquid hand soap and bin liners.

According to the Greek Gov’t new protocol, the owners have been advised to remove all books, magazines, decorative pillows, extra pillows and basically keep things to a minimum, making it easier to clean & disinfect. So interiors may not look like the photos presented on the advert. 

The remote controls for the air con units & TV/Satellite will be covered in plastic for easy cleaning purposes. Please use them with the plastic on them.

We have had to remove our hard copy of the info magazine, but you will have a link to a “Live Kefalonia Guide Book ” . 

As a part of the new protocol, the mattress protector & pillow protectors are changed between stays.

All of the cleaning is done with disposable gloves, masks and disposable aprons.


3, During your Stay
Since the new protocol has restricted the housekeeping, you will not be getting any other scheduled visits inside your villa, during your stay. You will be left with (or delivered later and left in a safe place) a supply of spare towels and according to your length of stay, bed linen. You will need to place your used towels/sheets in the bag(s) provided & close it to be sent to the laundry. Note that all linen & towels are washed above 70 degrees.

Each person will be left with a pool/beach towel to use during the whole duration of your stay. You will need to place them on sunbeds when using public beaches. It is a good idea to wash them if you do take them out of the villa.



We are, as always, just a call/text away 24/7 should you have any questions or concerns throughout your stay. We are wishing you all a wonderful time and hope that we all can move forward and further away from these rules & regulations once this Pandemic is over. Until then, keep your distance, wash your hands regularly & wear a mask when you can’t keep 2m distance from others.

Thank you.