Our First love
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Crete, Our first love

As you laze at a sleepy taverna and marvel at the startling clarity of the deep ultramarine sea, sipping ice cold beer or retsina, you will already have succumbed to the timeless magic of Greece.

The spirit of Crete is heavily reflected in the islands landscapes and culture. With its soaring mountains and fertile plains in the palaces of the Crete Minoan era and the castles, mosques and minarets of Venetian and Turkish conquerors, there is no better time to come and visit.

Above all it is the traditional hospitality of the Cretan people with their infectious love of life and enjoyment of simple pleasures that makes Crete villa holidays perfect.

Kreta is a land for all temperaments, blending fascinating layers of history with a proud and thriving folklore in a powerfully beautiful setting.

Crete is a land apart, a unique island with a vibrancy and sheer diversity that weaves its own special sirens spell on all who visit her. Fringed by long sandy beaches, rocky coves and towering cliffs, the green but frequently rugged scenery is splashed with patches of vivid colour as wild flowers run riot through the fields and olive groves.

Crete is a much larger island than most people imagine, being 280 km long and up to 64 km wide. There are still a surprising number of unspoilt areas of Crete as yet undiscovered by mass tourism where deserted beaches genuinely still exist and where you can still wine and dine in the local taverna for astonishingly low prices.

Chania & West Crete

Still relatively un-commercialised and authentic, Western Crete & Chania just waits to be explored. Here, the magnificent White Mountains bestride the landscape and melted snow from their high slopes water the fertile coastal plains, where orange, lemon and olive groves flourish and superb fruit and vegetables of every description grow in amazing profusion.

This part of Crete also boasts some of the island’s best beaches, especially the coast west of Chania. One long 15km stretch of sandy beach is diffused with rocky outcrops and bustling villages which offer numerous waterside tavernas.

Crete itself has some fantastic landscapes and has immense natural beauty. Considering a Crete villa holiday may be one of the best ways to experience this gorgeous country in style and comfort.

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