Freelance Villas In Sicily
Villas in the best locations in Sicily

Our Selection of Pool Villas in Sicily

We were delighted to find on Sicily’s coast and amongst its richly varied interior,  a wonderful selection  of Villas that match our exacting requirements. Our small team at Freelance Villas have  a broad range of taste when it comes to location, decor and requirements and understand that each guest has a very individual style too. So we’ve selected accordingly, with something for everyone, from  sleek and functional  holiday Villas to  traditional properties that have the personality of Sicily woven through their framework.

The  common thread amongst all properties is  impeccable maintenance, suitably equipped with unimpeded views and in beautiful locations.

We are always happy to talk holidays, so if the  online search facility  doesn’t come up with a solution for you, then there is nothing quite like discussing your holiday with  someone who’s visited , or even stayed in our Villas.

Please give us a call and try out our knowledge. +44 (0) 1789 297705