Freelance Villas -Exclusive Collection
Crete, Kefalonia, Mallorca & Sicily

The Freelance Exclusive Collection

Our  “Freelance Exclusive Collection” features those villas that are just for us, that we’ve chosen to  sign up for many years. These chosen few, you will only  ever see advertised under the Freelance Villas brand, even if you’ve happened upon them on  another booking system. We can guarantee that you will never see them advertised cheaper on any booking site on which we advertise . If you do (and we don’t think you will) then let us know and we’ll price match and find out what’s gone wrong.

We  have high standards and we’re also  keen to ensure that owners reflect their own taste and design so you will find that all our ‚Freelance Exclusive Collection‘ villas  have a different style, different on the inside, no bland corporate villas,  they’re all just lovely!

We’re often  first port of call for new Villa owners,  being a small independent, really independent company, and of the  many Villas offered to us, we add about 10% to our villa collection. Of these, there are just a few that we really want to keep all to ourselves and these are our ‚Freelance Exclusive Collection‘.

What Does the Freelance Exclusive Collection Have To Offer?

Every Villa in the Freelance Exclusive Collection comes with a stunning view included. This can range from a full on, in the face sea view or gently sloping herb scented slopes gradually descending to the sea, to  views over wooded landscapes, distant mountains or hillsides dotted with villages.  They can all be booked instantly from our website or instantly held for your dates for 24 hours whilst you sort out your travel arrangements.

You are welcome to stay for any length of time from a minimum of 5 nights and they all offer  total flexible arrival and departure days. We are  conscious that if you have a late flight home, then a late departure from your Villa can make quite a difference to your holiday. We are often able to offer this facility at our Exclusive Collection Villas when the booking pattern permits.

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