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Fiskardo or Fiscardo, in the north of Kefalonia , is unique amongst the other villages on the island for having almost entirely escaped the ravages of the 1953 earthquakes and so the old buildings still stand amongst the pine trees in this natural bay.

This picturesque Venetian fishing harbour close to our Fiscardo Villas, has, of recent years, become a fashionable stopping point for some of the smarter pleasure boats sailing the Ionian as well as lots of the more modest sailing boats as well as many luxury villas in Fiscardo.

Rent a Boat in Fiscardo and Discover the Ionian Sea

Fishing boats, selling freshly caught fish in the mornings will be seen tied up cheek by jowl along the harbour front with the most indulgent of sailing boats, playthings of the rich and occasionally, famous . This lends the village a lively and amicable air when the boats are tied up for the night. You may well be  tempted to join the boating scene yourself, to pack up a picnic  and hire one of the small day boats  and set off along the coastline to discover your favourite part  for yourself and maybe your very own beach.

Unforgettable Holidays to Fiscardo, Kefalonia

A choice of excellent quayside tavernas, serving fresh fish and other traditional Kefalonian fare, make good vantage points to keep an eye on the comings and goings in the harbour. Narrow alleyways lead away from the harbour, some leading to the  villages central  small square which  comes alive in the evenings, Tables and chairs are laid and dressed with candles, filling the space and  waiters make an art of skilfully negotiate between the tables to deliver plates of food straight from the taverna kitchens.

For a dip in the sea, Fiskardo has a small pebbly beach on the edge of the village itself, whilst within sauntering distance,  Emblissi beach  is a small cove with a  white pebble foreshore which slips gently into the crystal clear waters.  The flat rocks on either side of the beach are  perfect for sunbathing  and the waters  so shallow that motor boats are not allowed to moor.  

Other Great Locations On Your Fiscardo Holiday

Just a five minute drive south of Fiskardo,  Foki Beach is in an  idyllic and enchanting location with cypress and pine trees that run down to the sea line.  The narrow shingley beach is backed by an olive grove, giving welcome shade on a hot afternoon. and this is an unarguably beautiful place for a swim, The  family run taverna at the back of the beach offers cooling drinks and simple dishes. .

There are several small villages flung across this northern tip of Kefalonia, or ‘broader’  Fiskardo,  mostly extending either side of  the route that leads south to Argostoli. Each is  graced with a taverna or two and a minimarket for provisions supplying the many self catering Villas in the area.  Roads lead down from these villages, to the coast and several delightfully unspoiled beaches.

Alaties is one such beach – just a tiny sand beach almost hidden between two steep rocks and a delightful place to enjoy the crystal clear water. It is an especially lovely place to visit at the end of the day as, above the beach is  a magical and delightful small taverna, where it’s definitely worth booking a table, not only for their delicious food but also for the lovely sunsets that accompany it, if the conditions are right. 

Another beach on this western side of the Fiskardo area from which to enjoy the sunset  is Agia Jerusalem, named after the small ruined chapel that stands on the beach . This long strip  of mixed sand and shingle  is not usually crowded even in August. There is a traditional taverna at the back of the beach and often  a few camper vans. The whole bay has a retro atmosphere of the old days of Greece.

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