Honeymoon Villas

Honeymoon Villas

Everyone loves a wedding and of course none more so than the happy couple at the very heart of the occasion – the happy couple.

So much thought and preparations go into making the special day special for not just the couple at the heart of the occasion but for all their guests. Every wedding is individual and tailored around the size of the wedding party, the needs of the guests and of course the budget and a lot of hard work goes into the preparations  There is the venue to choose, the flowers, the cake, the photographer, the wedding reception, the list is almost endless.

One part of the wedding which is totally and completely down  to the newlyweds is the 2022 honeymoon – the holiday which marks the commencement of married life. Its name supposedly comes from that period between the moons which is filled with sweetness and you will want to spend it somewhere memorable.

Featured Honeymoon Villas

Private Honeymoon Villas might not be first idea that will spring to mind when planning a honeymoon villa holidays but it could be absolutely the  right choice for you. The privacy that you can enjoy in a villa sets you free from the routine timetable . Taking one of our honeymoon Villas gives you utter privacy,  undisturbed by anyone. You can enjoy your own space and company, in your own time. Starting the day at an hour that suits you, spending it as you wish either at your honeymoon villa ‘home’ in your own company or heading off for the day knowing you have  that privacy  to return to. Our Villas are all within a walk or short drive of a restaurant or taverna so self catering is an option but definitely not a necessity. Rustling up breakfast and spending the day by your own pool with a well stocked fridge for cool drinks is possibly the extent of self catering when on honeymoon.

Freelance Villas come in various sizes and we have highlighted several for you.  The classic honeymoon choice is a  cute little honeymoon villa with a private pool tucked away in the countryside with fabulous gardens and maybe a view of olive groves and orange trees or mountains  but you may prefer a  larger sea view  villa with infinity pool with the extra space and privacy this brings.  We have not forgotten,  amongst our selection of honeymoon villas, the growing number of honeymooners whose honeymoon will include little ones. This holiday  can be a very special time for  a complete young family whose parents have chosen to tie the knot, or for two families making the commitment to mould into one.   There is no reason for  romance to be compromised when honeymooning with family.  If you have chosen to  stay at one of Freelance Villas  wonderful honeymoon villas you will have plenty of space for all the family to enjoy this special time together and your children can experience the freedom that only having your own villa and pool can give. No need to get up early to grab a sunbed, no set mealtimes to consider, no people that you’d rather not see to avoid, just your own space, your own time and your own company.

Freelance Villas have within their programme many Villas which can  be described as honeymoon villas and you will find, amongst this selection, a broad cross section of  beautiful locations in Crete, Croatia, Kefalonia, Menorca, Mallorca & Sicily , views and comfort, all you could wish for for your honeymoon in the mediterranean.

Almost certainly you will want to fill some days with activity and you will find many suggestions of the sites to explore, activities available and places to go in the appropriate island information guide which will send you electronically once you have secured your Honeymoon Villa.