5 Best Beaches in the Mediterranean

From Myrtos to Elounda, there are some beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean that you probably haven’t heard about yet, but not to worry because this blog will help you to find the perfect beach-holiday for you in the Mediterranean. From busy beaches throbbing with vendors, snacks and activities, to quiet and atmospheric natural beauties, we’re sure that you’ll find your next holiday in this blog.


This beautiful beach in Kefalonia is one of the world’s lesser-known wonders; beautifully quiet and largely untouched by the horrors of mass tourism, a trip to Myrtos beach is a breezy wander through crystal clear waves or a leisurely book on the hot white sand.

There isn’t much to do on Myrtos beach other than entertaining yourself with swimming, sunbathing, reading or a picnic, but that is undoubtedly how it has managed to maintain its allure. The bay is a gentle curve protected on either side by large beachheads, but don’t be fooled into thinking that either of these cliffs offers shade – the sun during the day here casts few shadows so you will have to bring your own form of shade and lots of sunscreen.

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This is one of the more sophisticated beaches on our list – it lacks the ethereal mystery of Myrtos, but the slight influence of tourist culture on Elounda has allowed the area to prosper fashionably. When travelling to Elounda, you should plan to eat out because the fresh food served in the local tavernas should be enjoyed.

The sands of Elounda are renowned for being beautifully pristine, as well as sporting some shades of pink on occasion. You can find Elounda on the island of Crete, which is also known as the island where Zeus was born in Greek legend.

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Cala Deia beach in Mallorca is a shingle beach on the west coast of the biggest Balearic island. It’s not a sandy beach like those of Myrtos or Elounda, but instead exhibits a gorgeous rugged charm that will never be forgotten by its visitors.

It is less of a tourist destination than Elounda, but more so than Myrtos. We think that Cala Deia exhibits the perfect amount of resources to make for the ultimate beach trip if you don’t mind sacrificing the sand.

At Cala Deia, you can choose between one of two restaurants which can be found in the tiny set of rustic terraces overlooking the cove. These restaurants might not be much to look at from the outside – they certainly don’t compare to the splendour of Elounda – but the food is fantastic.

During your day, you will be thrilled to know that there is plenty of natural shelter for you to find some reprieve from the harsh sun. While the beach might not be sandy, the rocky bay is full of wildlife which is a snorkeler’s dream.

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Another beach that shouldn’t go without mention on this blog is the gorgeous Antisamos on Kefalonia. This is a stony beach, but if you’ve decided to stay in a holiday villa in Kefalonia, then you might enjoy visiting both Myrtos and Antisamos for their individual qualities.

Unlike Myrtos, Antisamos is an easy drive to reach and is surrounded by various local bars which can quickly supply you with much-needed refreshments. Some areas of this beach can get quite busy with tourists and vendors, but if you persevere, you’ll be sure to find a spot
you can call your own for the afternoon.

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Situated in Chania, Crete, this beach is sometimes referred to as a lagoon. Balos is certainly beautiful but is undeniably busy in peak season. This beach is heavily frequented by young families due to its child-friendly waters – a soft sandy beach with a gentle slope into shallow waters.

There is a lot of environmental protection in this area to keep this gorgeous beach from being polluted by tourism. Protected species such as monk seals and loggerhead sea turtles are known to live there, which could make for a fantastic viewing on a day out but also means that activities other than sunbathing and swimming in the area are few.

On the other hand, there are a couple of canteens from which you can buy a drink or snack.

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If you’re interested in visiting Balos or Elounda during your next beach holiday, you should consider staying in one of our beautiful holiday villas in Crete during your stay. We’re sure that you will want to spend a large portion of your holiday getting out and about exploring the beauty and culture of Crete, but why not ensure that the rest of your stay is firmly rooted in luxury at one of our villas?