5 Must-See Towns in Mallorca

Mallorca is known for its immaculate beaches, mountains and spectacular views. This Island is full of truly remarkable towns with so many things to do and places to see – so many in fact that we could not possibly mention all of them. So here are five towns in Mallorca that you need to visit during your travels:

mallorca street


In the north-west of the island, tucked between two hills, lies the attractive, rural town of Pollenca. Whilst a popular tourist destination, Pollenca has not surrendered itself completely to tourism and has adapted without losing its soul. The residents are made up of mainly islanders, making it a popular spot for those seeking a more cultural Mallorcan experience.

Wandering through the narrow, cobbled streets, you will find beautiful old churches, art galleries and handicraft shops. Visit Placa Major on a Sunday morning and experience the wide variety of market stalls. Climb the tree-lined Calvari steps to reach the summit and take in the stunning views across to the northernmost tip of the island from Calvari church. Outside of the town there is rolling countryside dotted with ancient monasteries just waiting to be discovered by avid walkers. Pollenca also boasts glorious beaches and delectable cafés and restaurants.

We have stunning villas available in Pollenca such as Hort D’en Gelos, a lovely rural location amongst rolling, wooded hillsides. Anatmospheric farmhouse full of rustic charm and situated right in the middle of gorgeous scenery. For the more lively, there is also El Moil, this villa includes a tennis court and is just a short journey from the beach.


Situated on the edge of the green and wooded foothills of the Tramuntana Mountains, this small town in the north-east of Mallorca feels a million miles away from the busy resorts of the nearby coast. Campanet is known for its quaint architecture, natural beauty and limestone caves – said to house the longest stalactite in the world. Seemingly, all roads will lead you to the main square where an imposing, Baroque church dominates the skyline. Campanet truly is a peaceful backwater virtually untouched by tourism.

Our Villas available in beautiful Campanet include Villa S’Hort de Misser; far away from the mass tourism on the coast, this lovely farmhouse has been restored to retain its authentic Mallorquin character. Set amongst cobbled courtyards beside an orchard, S’Hort de Misser is a gorgeous family holiday Villa suited to all seasons, with air-con for warmer days and central heating for winter getaways.


A vibrant northern town, Alcudia is full of life, history and culture all year long. The historic centre of Alcudia is encompassed by Mallorca’s only entirely preserved town wall which was erected in the 14th Century by King James II to protect Alcudia’s inhabitants – but to no avail. You won’t be able to help being enchanted by the restored ancient centre. During the summer months, the wall is the setting for open-air concerts and theatre functions. Make sure you check out Alcudia’s famous open-air market and the smallest amphitheatre in all of Spain. The town is also the perfect spot for hiking and mountain bike tours of the surrounding mountains.

We have a few stunning Villas in Alcudia, including Ca’n Abullon, a Villa which sits above the Bay of Pollensa, with amazing terrace views of the whole Bay. Ca’n Abullon is in the quiet countryside, in open farmland, with beautifully kept private gardens and lawns. Whilst you’reenjoying the Villa’s seclusion, the restaurants and cafes in town are just a short drive away.



Another of Mallorca’s much-loved towns is Deià, perhaps for its beautiful beachside setting. Deià is situated on the west coast near the similarly loved Port de Sóller. Deià has plenty of attractions for you to visit, especially if you’re inclined to enjoy areas of cultural interest.

Visit la Casa de Robert Graves for an insight into the life of a British poet, historical novelist, classicist and critic. He lived off his writing and his historical novels proved to be especially popular. His writing is remembered for its brilliant clarity and entertaining style.

As well as being an especially proficient author, Graves served in the First World War and survived the battle of the Somme. The life of Graves was a tumultuous one, and you can experience a small part of it by visiting Deià during your trip to one of our Mallorca holiday villas today.

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Port de Sóller

You should visit Port de Sóller for a great beach experience. Situated close to Deià, you can visit both of these towns on the same day if you set off early enough. While Deià can offer you the cultural side of Mallorca, Port de Sóller has a beautiful horseshoe bay with a sandy beach, yachts, activities and plenty of unique restaurants.

Port de Sóller was a largely isolated section of Mallorca until the 1990s, so it has maintained much of its quiet and traditional charm, despite being a newfound haven for tourism. It’s easy to understand why everyone loves Port de Sóller so much; surrounded by the Tramuntana Mountains and interspersed with grand churches, there is plenty to see and do here.

port de soller

With so much going on here, Mallorca should be your next holiday. There is no better way to escape the hustle and bustle than relaxing in one of our premium Villas. Book your Mallorca holiday Villa  today.