Extreme Sports in Kefalonia

Greek coast with blue water and white beach

Water Sports

Antisamos Beach, located near the town of Sami, has a number of watersports to choose from. These include jet skiing, water skiing and canoeing.

If you really want to make a statement, why not choose to go banana boating? Up to seven people can take a ride on the inflatable banana while being pulled at full speed through the water, with the challenge of staying firmly gripped on!

In Scala, there are also a number of water sport activities available, such as paragliding, paragliding, windsurfing and waterboarding.

Exploring Caves

If you are a keen diver, you must take a swim through the caves of Kefalonia. Karavomilos, a beautiful fishing village in Sami, is the location of a particularly wonderful example.

Adjacent to Lake Melissani lies a pond. At the bottom of the pond is a small crack within the rock, through which divers are transported to a cave with gorgeous, crystal clear waters.

If diving isn’t your thing, the Melissani Cave – which was discovered after the Ionian earthquake in 1953 – can be visited by paddle boat.



Mountain Biking

If you hope to see the spectacular views of Kefalonia, then a spot of mountain biking will not disappoint. Ainoas is the largest mountain in Western Greece and is the perfect destination from which to experience stunning 360 degree views of the landscape.

There are companies that rent out bikes in the area and accessories and maps are included in the package to ensure that you are well prepared.

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