Villa Mir Vami, Sumartin, Croatia

Why Choose to Stay in a Villa vs Hotel?

Hotel vs Villa.

This is one question that a lot of people find themselves asking when it comes to booking their annual holiday. It also happens to be a subject that is often hotly debated about among frequent holiday goers.

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Just which one is better?

As a company who specialises in providing luxury villas with pools in Menorca, Crete and the other Mediterranean islands of Kefalonia, Sicily & Brac, Croatia, it’s easy to see which side of this debate we fall on. However, we genuinely believe that villas add something extra special to your holiday.

From privacy and flexibility to affordability, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider choosing a villa over a hotel. Here are just some of the advantages to renting a villa for your next summer holiday.


A villa offers flexibility – and freedom – to do what you want, when you want. This is especially true when it comes to food. In a hotel you are often restricted by scheduled meals, in which you are given specific time frames to eat all of your meals in.

When staying in a villa, you can choose when and where you want to eat. Whether it’s sampling one of the local delicacies in a nearby restaurant, or chilling around your own private pool with a BBQ, the choice is entirely down to you.

It also means that you can choose what you do in the evening. Want an early night after a long day of exploring? You don’t need to worry about the entertainment act keeping you awake to the early hours of the morning with their renditions of Celine Dion. Bliss!

Staying in a villa also means no early morning scramble for a sunbed – you don’t have to worry about losing your bed every time you need a break from the sun.

Cost Effective

For large groups of people, especially families, villas can often end up being a cost-effective option. You are often paying for the villa, rather than per person, something that can end up costly when paying for hotel rooms.

Villas often work out cheaper for those wanting an extended holiday too, outside of the common 5, 7, 10- and 14-day holiday. You can stay for the duration of your choice without worrying about it becoming too expensive.

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One of the biggest advantages to staying in a Freelance Villa is the privacy that it affords you. From overly talkative holidaymakers to overly pushy holiday reps, staying within a hotel can often mean frequent interruptions to your relaxing holiday.

Luckily, these are not an issue when staying in your own private villa. You can relax by the pool knowing that you’re not going to be asked to join in with any of the water sports taking place (unless that’s your thing, and then you can do it when and how you want!).

Villas are also often located in quieter areas, away from the hustle and bustle of everything going on in the centre. This means you can go out and explore during the day, then return to a bit of peace and quiet in the evening.

Additional Space

With multiple rooms and bathrooms, villas are often the ideal option for those travelling in large groups. There is plenty of space to stop you getting in each other’s way as you get ready to go out and enjoy the sun.

It also means you have plenty of room to entertain – as you wish – without being disturbed by other people socialising.

Staying in a villa is very much like a “home away from home”.

When it comes to ensuring that you have the perfect holiday, you really can’t go wrong with a villa. Offering you privacy, flexibility and additional space, as well as being a cost-effective option, you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Interested in staying in one of our villas for your next holiday? Just check availability on the villa of your choice and book – it’s that easy!