Kefalonia Villas With Infinity Pools​

Kefalonia Villas With Infinity Pools

Featured Kefalonia Villas with Infinity Pools

Kefalonia is an island known for its Kefalonia villas with infinity pools , its green and verdant landscape, its beautiful beaches, its soft and mellow wine and its nesting grounds for loggerhead turtles but also for it’s choice of wonderful holiday villas. 

After the earthquake of 1953 which flattened most of the houses in the south of the island, there followed a mass emigration of the  younger population of the island to America and Australia who set about starting new careers. Many were successful and money was sent home to rebuild the island and a whole new generation of mansions and villas were built, all to strict earthquake specifications.  This has resulted in a renaissance of the housing stock and a reservoir of Kefalonia Luxury Villas perfect for holidays. In short,  it would be a mistake to overlook this wonderful island in any search for a holiday villa and in particular if you are looking for a Kefalonia villa with an infinity pool. 

In the north of Kefalonia, the houses were left relatively unscathed so this part of the island has generally a more ‘traditional’ feel to it. The north has also benefited from this renewal of building, with some stunning villas with infinity pools set amongst the traditional villages. 

Kefalonia enjoys many of the attributes of a holiday destination. Small enough to drive around in a day, there are more than sufficient beauty spots, beaches, and other attractions to visit during the time of the average family holiday and more.  The many diverse activities to engage in range from visiting a winery, taking a boat trip to the island of Ithaki, 3kms to the east of Sami, touring a monastery, exploring an underground lake, or discovering the work carried out by the very enthusiastic group of conservationists. 

Of course, the amount of exploring that you will do on the island will depend on the self-will you can conjure up to pull yourself away from your own villa – and if you are staying in a villa with an infinity pool then this will probably be even more difficult.  Days can just drift by,  when you have booked your own Kefalonia villas with infinity pools, just relaxing and enjoying the pool and the villa.  In the evening you may be tempted to fire up the barbecue in your own garden and cook up a storm using all the facilities in your Villa kitchen.  If this seems just too much trouble then you might well be tempted to pop out to enjoy a typical Greek meal at a local taverna. If there isn’t one within walking distance of your villa with an infinity pool then there will be sure to be one within a very short drive.  You will find in your villa with an infinity pool a comprehensive Freelance Villas Kefalonia info Guide in which you will find suggestions of local tavernas where you can try out the local fare. In Kefalonia, this is often, but in no way limited to, the freshest of fish.  Most tavernas are also experienced in offering a takeaway service and this is a great option for those staying in a private villa. Collect your taverna meal and enjoy it beside your own pool. Those with children will especially appreciate this option, as the family can also enjoy the pool throughout the evening. It’s great when you’ve been out for the day to be able to enjoy your villa with an infinity pool throughout the whole evening.

So, if staying in a villa with an infinity pool appeals to you and you would enjoy the privacy that this type of holiday offers, you can be assured that  

Kefalonia definitely punches above its weight with regard to the number of Villas with infinity pools that are on offer.

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