List with Freelance Villas

List with Freelance Villas

List your Villa with Freelance

If you own a beautiful Villa, are going to build a beautiful Villa or have a property which you are converting to a beautiful Villa in one of our Mediterranean destinations, we’d love to hear from you.

We offer a friendly professional service and will work closely with you to  ensure that your Villa is presented to a wide audience of customers who will appreciate your property. 

After an initial phone or email introduction, we would love  to meet you at your Villa. We know that a friendly business relationship is vital as we work together to market your property.  

What  trusting us with your Villa Rental will mean.

  • We prefer to work on an exclusive basis.  The enormous advantage of this  to you is that it makes letting your property a seamless and enjoyable experience. If you have ever worked with  multiple channels and agencies,  you will know that negotiating the various booking systems, agency expectations and the frantic responding  to enquiries can be a time consuming  juggling act. We will take all the worry out of securing bookings. You will have  all the details of your  bookings in one place in your own area of our site plus you will have a dedicated person to contact if you have any questions about a booking.
  • We will discuss with you what standard of preparation our clients expect, so preparing for arrivals will be straightforward and you will have happy guests from the start. 
  • On our side, we  will make sure that we really know your property and its location, with visits from at least  one sales team member, so we can answer any questions accurately. This means that you will receive guests who will truly appreciate staying in your Villa. 
  • We will be the first line of contact for your guests who will have our  24 hour contact details, so we can sort out any little problems quickly,  before they escalate.

How we will achieve the bookings you want:

  • We regularly update our website, the latest  state of the art version launched in November 2020, so your villa will have a great online presence.
  • We typically answer all enquiries and booking requests almost immediately and always within  an hour.  Speed of response has become essential in today’s world.
  • Our Public Relations arm works hard to ensure that  Villas in our programme regularly feature in the  British Press.
  • We will  sell your Villa across  many online portals to maximise your potential sales.
  • We have an increasing Social Media presence to increase your audience.

We have many satisfied owners, some of whom have been working with us since the 1980’s and they know the value of our loyal partnership and how we  will work hard for you to ensure that both the guests and  you receive a good collective experience. 

We love talking Villa Rentals  so please feel free to pick up the phone or drop us an email and have a chat about what your experience could be like, working with Freelance Villas.

Please send an email to:, with a brief description of your Villa, floor plans if you have them and the location GPS co-ordinates  together with any photos.

Getting the best possible nightly rate

Are you a villa owner looking to maximise your property’s revenue? Look no further than Freelance Villas! We are dedicated to providing exceptional pricing monitoring services that are both data-driven and backed by expert analysis. Our team is skilled in managing pricing strategies that incorporate dynamic pricing and fixed rate tariff options to ensure you get the best possible return on your investment.

As part of our service, we establish a minimum rate threshold that is agreed upon, and any adjustments to pricing are carefully vetted by our team of experts before going live. You can feel confident in knowing that we are always working to optimise your revenue streams.

In addition to our comprehensive pricing monitoring service, we also provide regular updates on the performance of your property. With over 80% of owners achieving excellent results through our services, you can trust that you’re in good hands with Freelance Villas.

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