Villas in the best locations in Mallorca

Away from the island’s bustling capital Palma and the frenetic atmosphere of its nearby ‘high rise’ resorts, a startling change of pace and scenery takes over. Fertile fields dotted with windmills turning lazily in the breeze, give way to rolling countryside covered in olive and almond groves punctuated by vineyards and small, sun-bleached villages. Mediaeval monasteries and castles perch ‘quixotically’ atop pine clad mountains and look out over the azure sea that encircles the island’s 400 km of beautiful coastline, most of which is surprisingly untouched by signs of mass tourism and remains virtually unknown to all but a few of Mallorca’s many visitors.

Mallorca is famous for its stunning beaches and great culture, and there are few better ways to get away from the hustle and bustle than by relaxing in one of our holiday villas in Mallorca. By far one of the most sophisticated destinations in the Mediterranean, you will not only be blown away by one of our several Mallorca villa holidays, but also by the six Michelin starred restaurants and busy capital, Palma.

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Manolis House

Maro's Spitaki

Rouladina Apartments

Roussas House

Villa Afrati

Villa Amvrosia

Villa Andreas

Villa Anemi

Villa Argiro

Villa Artemis

Villa Avra

Villa Clio

Villa Faye

Villa Kallisto

Villa Kyriaki

Villa Metapothia

Villa Nikoletta

Villa Nikos

Villa Nynemia

Villa Olivia

Villa Panos

Villa Toula

Villa Vangelis

Villa Vigla

Villa Xagnado

Villa Zara

Apostolis Beach House

Villa Afroditi

Villa Aliona

Villa Anemos

Villa Apollon

Villa Aris

Villa Atlantis

Villa Dimitra

Villa Dionysos

Villa Kalypso

Villa Kephalos

Villa Ermis

Villa Eros

Villa Estia

Villa Fiskardo View

Villa Hephaestus

Villa Hera

Villa Levanda

Villa Mandola

Villa Marianna

Villa Minetti

Villa Neptune

Villa Nireaus

Villa Odysseus

Villa Penelope

Villa Poseidonia

Villa Roberta

Villa Sakos - Seagull - Korfos

Villa Vassilis

Villa Yianna

Hort D’en Gelos

Ca'n Abullon

Ca’n Credo

Ca'n Piedro

El Cutxaco

Ca'n Fotxica

Cana Joana

Son Mestranc

El Creve

El Moli

Son Ramon

Villa Verda Varitx

Villa C'an Xeroni

Son Gulio

Villa Pascaul

Sol Finesse Villa

Villa S'Illiot

Apartment Torre Archirafi

Villa Dei Pini

Casa Tecla

Corte Moscata

Villa Rosmarino

Villa Timo

Villa Marisol

Noto Beach Villa

Noto Beach Apt

Villa Caro

Villa Dora

Villa Hybla

La Timpa

Dimora Di Circe

Lisca Bianca

Villa Baia Mar

Villa Bellini

Villa Cava

Villa Luce

Villa Maddalena

Villa Marianello

Casa Ortigia

Casa Blu

Villa Galania

Villa Anna Maria

Villa Hosta

La Coma

Sa Clos

Sa Cosetta

Villa Valeria

Villa Isabella

Villa Lantana

Villa Palmeras

Can Lordas

Cana Carmen

Colonya Gran