Menorca Villas with Pools

Menorca Villas with Pools

Menorca or Minorca lying to the north-east of Mallorca and approximately one third of its size is no less an island but one with an identity entirely of its own. Tourism on Menorca developed at a far slower pace than that of other Balearic Islands. It managed to almost totally avoid the contagion of high rise hotels around its coast, seen elsewhere in the Mediterranean and instead, became synonymous with more gentle holidays and the burgeoning tourism became focused  on the  growth of small family resorts offering Menorca Villas with pools .   

Holiday makers came to Menorca to enjoy time spent around their own pool, the beautiful beaches, and unspoilt countryside.  The family summer holiday remains the number one reason for visiting the island  and staying in a Menorca Villa with a pool  is an unquestionably relaxing choice. 

You may be surprised to find that taking a Menorca Villa with pool  is a surprisingly affordable luxury.  Naturally the  holiday will be  centred around the pool where you can all relax as you choose spending precious time together.  All Menorca villas with pools are equipped with wifi, so you can keep in touch with the real world if you choose to do so. Your holiday  can be as laid back or action packed  as you like but either way, the days timetable will be according to your own choosing.  

Whichever Menorca Villas with Pools you choose whether contemporary,  modern or traditional, the most important aspect of the villa  will be the pool, as all the family, whatever their age will enjoy it.  By far the majority of your holiday ‘hometime’ will be spent around it or in it or even on it – all day and into the evening. Whether you just like to paddle or  dangle your feet in it, play games in it, float on a lilo on it, sunbathe beside it – or even swim in it.

The type of pool will be important to you and they are varied. Infinity pools have become very popular over the past few years and we are pleased to be able to offer a  selection of sea view villas with infinity pools within our programme.  If you have small children, you may require  a gated pool to give you a little more peace of mind.

Perhaps  you  prefer a pool with  roman steps or a ladder entry may be more suitable for you. If you have small children then you will probably prefer a pool with a shallower end or even a children’s pool which is  separate from the main one.  Small children will need to be supervised at all times but splashing in shallow water is great amusement for even the littlest of children  These are all considerations to bear in mind when choosing you villa with pool and of course we are always ready to answer any specific questions you may have

The self catering element of many, is limited to breakfast maybe a light lunch or and perhaps the occasional barbecue (all Menorca Villas with pools have a barbecue available) prepared in a well equipped villa kitchen.

Self catering can seem a little daunting but  it’s often an enjoyable outing  to visit the local market (each town will have its own market day) to purchase the freshest food, often direct from the grower and of course all Menorca Villas with pools have dishwashers to deal with the aftermath. You will also find a choice of Restaurants or take away outlets within easy reach of your Villa.

Holidaying in a Menorca Villa with a pool can be as laid back or busy as you like but either way, it will  run to the rhythme of your own choosing.

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