Sami, Kefalonia
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Villas in Sami

Sami, a small seaside town has been a main port of call from ancient times to the present day for ships & boats and the thrice daily ferries from Athens,  Sami has grown to be a favourite spot for yachts to pull into it’s harbour after having a lovely sail around the Sami Bay with Ithaki to one side and the tree clad mountains surrounding, this is a very popular choice for our Villas in Sami.

By day there is lots of hustle and bustle with the ferries and sailboats coming and going but by night the waterfront, which is lined with tavernas and cafes, gets closed down from traffic and turns into a promenade for pedestrians and has a lovely relaxing atmosphere.  There are a couple of banks, a post office, several shops and tavernas in the village. A narrow stretch of beach which is sandy & pebbly is not too far from the town itself and the Villas in Sami to rent.

This region is known for its many caves, in particular the Drogarati Cave with its amazing stalagmites & stalagmites and wonderful acoustics and the Melissani Lake with its beautiful blue water and fascinating natural wonder. It that has been discovered that the water from the Katavothres, near Argostoli, travels underground and reappears in Karavomilos via the Melissani Lake. The sea water mixes with the fresh water and is rather dark at the Karavomilos lake before it goes back into the sea again, getting on one of the small fishermans boats in the lake is a great way to explore all the lake has to offer also a perfect choice on a very hot afternoon to escape into the cool watery caves.

The taverna which is next to the lake has lovely  sea views towards Sami with the mountains in the background and literally right on the sea’s edge overlooking the bay of Sami, a perfect way to spend an afternoon and contemplating life over a leisurely lunch  of local specialties washed down perhaps with a bottle of the famous Kefalonian Robola wine, which is bottled very nearby and also make for a very interesting day out from one of our Luxury villas in Sami.

The beautiful pebbly/shingly beach of Antissamos is located just a couple of kilometers outside of Sami and well worth a visit or two for its setting and beautiful crystal clear waters, there is a small beach bar serving cools drinks and small snacks to keep you going for your day on the beach,  The hilltops between Sami and Antissamos have fantastic views and interesting historical ruins like the medieval bell-tower of the Monastery of Panayia Agrilion amazing views of the Bay of Sami, Ithaki and down to Antisammos beach , plus the walls of the ancient acropolis called Kyatis and the ruined Monastery of Agia Fanendes.

From Sami it is very easy to drive north to the Agia Paraskevi ( Saint Friday) beach or the harbour village of Agia Efimia and onto either Myrtos Beach or further north the tranquil village of  Fiscardo. Whilst a drive to the south of Sami takes you to the harbour village of Poros ( daily ferries to Athens) and the lovely sandy beach resort of Skala. Argostoli is only a 30 min drive away and another option if you are looking for a more buzzing atmosphere and stock up at one of the fruit & veg markets on the waterfront.

Pleasure boats sailing the Ionian. Fishing boats, selling freshly caught fish in the mornings will be seen tied up cheek by jowl along the harbour front with the most indulgent of sailing boats, play things of the rich and occasionally, famous . A choice of excellent quayside tavernas, serving fresh fish and other traditional fare, make good vantage points to keep an eye on the comings and goings in the harbour, we are pleased to offer a great choice of Villas in Sami.

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