San Vito lo Capo, Sicily

San Vito lo Capo Villas

On the north-western coast of Sicily , huddled in the shelter of the bay between the Zingaro Nature Reserve to the west and the Mount Cofano Nature Reserve to the east, lies the first international capital of couscous, the dish of peace that symbolises integration between different peoples and cultures.

San Vito Lo Capo, an almost unspoilt gem and the pride of the province of Trapani, is an ancient fishing town with a strongly Arabic flavour which is well worth exploring. Here, light, perfumes and flavours mingle to produce a landscape with typically Mediterranean colours and waters: low white houses clad in bougainvillea and a beach of pure white sand whose unusual arc shape enfolds a turquoise blue sea concealing ancient treasures in a kilometre-long embrace towards the Mediterranean and where you will find our villas in San Vito lo Capo.

More colours and delightful sights are to be found amid the almond and olive trees of Castelluzzo, the fiery sunsets of Makari, the springs and grottoes, the bagli and towers, and above all the intriguing fragrance of a rich, generous land that exudes from the kitchen. With its busiate pasta and cunzatu bread, extra-virgin olive oil and obviously couscous, the cuisine of San Vito is as simple and genuine as its people.

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