Trapezaki, Kefalonia
Villas in Trapezaki, Kefalonia

Trapezaki, Kefalonia

If you’ve dreamed of taking a one-of-a-kind vacation to the Greek Islands for as long as you can remember or fell in love with what you saw while watching a movie showcasing the beauty of the Greek Islands, now is the time to think about renting a luxury villa in Trapezaki.

Trapezaki is located on the southern coast of the island of Kefalonia, in an area that boasts lush green mountains and a deep blue sea.

Of course, the village is known for its amazing Trapezaki Beach as it is one of the most beautiful on the planet. It’s situated 13.3 km southeast of Argostoli, the main town of Kefalonia, and 2 km from Lourdata Village, otherwise know as Lourdas
Trapezaki Beach is one of those rare beaches that remain unspoiled and is still enchanting to all who visit while renting a luxury villa in Trapezaki, Kefalonia, Greece.

There’s even a small restaurant called Denis where you can sit and enjoy a cold drink if you want to get out of the sun or just pass the day away.
From its beautiful beaches to spectacular lush landscaping and tranquil waters, Trapezaki, Kefalonia, Greece captivates all who have the pleasure of visiting and spending time in this paradise. Just What You need While renting a luxury villa in Trapezaki, Kefalonia, Greece, you’ll feel like you’ve entered another world however, this quaint city isn’t short on amenities nor is any of its luxury villas for rent.

For instance, you can shop and pick up sundries and snacks at the Trapezeki Supermarket owned and operated by a local family while renting a luxury villa. There’s also a local tavern to stop by when you want to set out for some adventure.
Trapezaki, Kefalonia, Greece, has many areas where one can relax spending the day sunning, swimming, snorkeling, or just reading a book without being disturbed on the beach. Or, if you’re someone who is renting a luxury villa in Trapezaki, Kefalonia, Greece, and wants more activity, there’s much to do on and around Trapezaki.

This is a place where singles, as well as marrieds and families, can enjoy Trapezaki’s long sandy beach as well as the typical tourist who wants to explore the surroundings. In Trapezaki Village there’s plenty of watering holes, bars, taverns, shops, and picturesque coves to seek out.

There’s also a myriad of water sports for everyone from big to small and the nearest village is Moussata, only a short drive away. The countryside in Kefalonia is excellent for taking walks and finding local trails to get in a workout or for viewing the local flora and fauna while renting a luxury villa in Trapezaki, Kefalonia, Greece. Many of the luxury villas for rent provide comfortable beds, great facilities, maid service, gorgeous views of the island and so much more.

Picture Perfect, The luxury villas rented in Trapezaki also have some of the best views around from Mount Ainos to the crystal-clear Ionian Sea. Renting a luxury villa is better than staying at a hotel or resort and perfect for taking photos or just gaze at the city lights at dusk from a private patio. Because Trapezaki, Kefalonia, Greece, rests at the base of Mount Ainos, its climate is tropical and perfect for visiting in the summer for a holiday with friends, family, or perhaps making for the perfect honeymoon.

If you’re ready to have the time of your life and enjoy the beauty of Trapazaki, Kefalonia, Greece, where you can rent a spectacular luxury villa, we say don’t wait. Book your luxury villa from now rather than later and start packing your bags for a truly wonderful stay at a luxury villa in Trapezaki, in Kefalonia, Greece. Freelance Villas has been operating since 1984, offering a small but perfect selection of villas with private rent, all are holiday rentals open from April to November.

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