Villa with Sea Views

Villa with Sea Views

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If you crave waking to the sun glinting on a shimmering sea, revel in endless blue horizons and dream of closing the day accompanied by the moon’s reflection across the water, then your Villa with Sea Views will be amongst our selection of gorgeous Sea View Villas. 

Some are truly coastal front line Villas with sea views where the sea begins practically at the end of the garden and there are those that are immersed in a beautiful landscape with the blue sea creating an azure backdrop. You will also find villas in villages with sea views over terracotta tiled rooftops.

Whether you are looking for a Villa with a view of true blue or a patchwork of colours embellished with blue, below is our special selection of Villas with sea views.

We have a variety of sea view villas amongst our collection, from large family Villas where extended families can enjoy reconnecting with each other to downsized romantic sea view villas perfect for honeymoons. 

A villa with sea views is one of the top choices for honeymooners. There is something highly romantic about a sea view at any time of day, enjoying the complete privacy of sharing your own pool together. Watching the sun setting below a distant horizon of blue, with all the differing rose pink hues reflected in the water has to be one of the topmost romantic moments to share and to do so from your own Villa is all the more special. 

Of the larger sea view Villas that we are offered, we only select those which allow plenty of living space for all guests. When you are holidaying with either an extended family, a group of friends or even just your own large family, it is  important to take a Villa with enough living space for everyone. It won’t be the first thing that comes to mind, you will remember those wonderful views, that meal in a taverna, the evening you BBQ’d ‘at home’, the fun in the pool, but the whole party will be more comfortable if they aren’t too squeezed together. Most people need to take some time  out from collective holidaying, to find somewhere quiet with a book, to be able to stretch out on a sunlounger for a snooze, to have the occasional one to one chat. Freelance Villas larger sea view villas have enough space inside and out to allow for this. 

The majority of our sea view villas have a private pool for the whole party to enjoy. We also have a selection of Villas with an infinity pool. There is something special about swimming in your own pool and being able to look out to the blue sea beyond. 

If you take your family or loved ones on holiday to one of our selection of seaview villas, you will find that your villa will be either within walking distance or a short drive of a restaurant or taverna where you can enjoy a meal out and enjoy eating the food typical of your location. So if your idea of self catering doesn’t go beyond rustling up breakfast and poolside snacks, then you won’t feel the need to do more. All sea view Villas come equipped with a BBQ and this can make for an easy and relaxed meal with which everyone enjoys joining in and lending a hand. If, on the other hand,  you enjoy shopping at the local market or foodstore you will have a well equipped kitchen to cook in with everything you need to prepare and cook your own meals and  an outside dining area where you can enjoy eating accompanied by those endless sea views. 

If you would like any assistance in selecting just which of our sea view villas is right for you, please don’t hesitate to ask for help. We really do know our places. Book your sea view villa directly with Freelance Villas today! 

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