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Villas Off The Beaten Track

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We have a passion for extraordinary Villas off the beaten track in  ‘out of the way’  locations and have made something of a feature of it over the years.  Below, you’ll  find an inviting  selection of eye-catching Villas with Pools  in beautiful locations, either entirely away-from-it-all or in villages where the ‘locals’ are truly local.

We sometimes all crave to step  out of the hurly burly of modern life, to somewhere distanced from the continual demands of today’s world, without interruption. In all of our Villas Off the Beaten Track, this is a rare luxury which is included in the price.  

Whichever destination you choose for your holiday, you will find both authentic and contemporary Freelance Villas in countryside settings, with sea views, or in villages well outside the tourist trail. 

Just because you have chosen an off the beaten track Villa it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be totally isolated in a location which precludes any excursions without a great deal of difficulty, although we do have one or two of those for the vacation hermit amongst you. Many of our off our Villas off the beaten track are just a little out of the way, in the places it’s worth a little extra effort getting to, because along the way and when you arrive you know that it will have been worthwhile. Where you will wake up to a glorious sea view or picturesque mountain villages across a valley or a landscape of  rolling hills making their way down to the sea.

Some Freelance off the beaten track Villas  are within surprisingly easy reach of a town. These private Villas are located in areas usually undiscovered by tourists.  You can thus spend as much of your holiday as you choose enjoying all the cultural and commercial opportunities open to you, whilst revelling in your own private retreat for the remainder of the time.

We know a few secrets about the best beaches and are able to offer you some beautiful private villas which are well off the beaten track, very close to, or even beside some lesser visited seaside places, some with wonderful sea views. There may be a strip of sand almost at the bottom of the garden or a beach of white pebbles or even a flat rocky outcrop lapped by the clearest of water. 

We do understand that off the beaten track could be a little inconvenient for those who like the occasional meal out, so the majority of our Villas in this category will have at least one cafe, small restaurant or taverna within either a reasonable walk or a very short drive. They will generally be the sort of places that don’t offer a huge menu, but will serve up good home style cooked food typical of the location. You will probably  be eating in the company of the locals rather than other tourists although of course other tourists are allowed.

What you can be sure of in an off the beaten track villa is privacy in a quiet location – the sort of quiet which might include waves crashing, cicadas chirruping, birds singing, frogs croaking, hens clucking and yes, the occasional cockerel and maybe, although less so these days, donkeys braying. You will not hear loud music or traffic or low flying planes. If you are in any doubt about possible local ‘ethnic’ noise, please feel free to talk to us before you book.

You will find there are off the beaten track villas in all sizes and price ranges, totally individual and different from each other, they all share the same level of Freelance Villas service and back up, should you need it. Book direct with Freelance Villas today.