Sicily Villas with Pools

Sicily Villas with Pools

A diverse coastline of some  1500 kms  holds within its watery boundary a beautiful and evocative land that has been occupied by the people from many civilisations over the centuries. Romans, Greeks, Arabs, Spaniards and Normans have all appreciated the delights of the land and its strategic position, leaving their stamp and lasting impression, still evident across the island. Today’s visitors can enjoy not only the beautiful beaches and divers landscape of the interior but also visit some of the most well preserved historical sites on the island.

Taking a Sicily Villa with pool for a holiday can happily combine time spent relaxing and recouping from everyday life with exploring this fascinating and stimulating holiday destination and it can come as a surprise to many just how affordable a luxury it is to book a holiday in a Sicily Villa with pool.  

Days of exploration can be offset by time spent in your own Sicily Villa with pool where you can make the most of having the space to yourselves and your own pool to take time out together.   One of the biggest advantages of taking a Sicily Villa with a pool is that you will have the total space to yourself with no interruptions, so it is entirely left to you and your party how leisurely or active you choose to be and  the days schedules can be enjoyed at your own pace. 

No matter which Sicily Villas with Pools you settle on, be it contemporary,  modern or traditional, the pool will be at the hub of much of the  entertainment for all the family or group, both young and young at heart.  An appreciable part of your holiday and time spent at the Villa will be whiled away around, in or on it – at any waking hour from early morning to night time. Whether dangling your legs in it, paddling, fooling around,  floating on a lilo, sunbathing beside it – or even swimming in it.

The type of pool and the size may be important to you when selecting your villa. Infinity pools have become sought after  over recent times  and amongst our Sicily Villas with pools collection you will find Villas with infinity pools.  If you have small children then you will probably prefer a pool with a shallower end and pools with entry via wide roman steps can be an advantage to those with small children or those who are a little less mobile in their group. Occasionally a pool with ladder entry will be more appropriate.  Small children will need to be supervised at all times but splashing in shallow water is great amusement for even the littlest of children. We also have a selection of Villas with pools with non chlorinated water with water that is mineral filtered.

These are all considerations to bear in mind when choosing you villa with pool and of course we are always ready to answer any specific questions you may have.

The self catering element of some holiday makers, doesn’t extend far beyond breakfast and maybe a light lunch but all Sicily Villas with pools have well equipped kitchens and many have outside kitchens as well with a barbecue,  so  it is relatively easy and dare we say fun to put together a meal that can be eaten outside. Of course all Sicily Villas with pools have dishwashers to deal with the aftermath. Eating out in Sicily is an experience not to be missed from pizzas, to dishes influenced by the spices of northern Africa. You will be sure to find your favourite during your stay.

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